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Terrell Baldock Has Time For Her Kids After Raising Her Rates to $1,000 to $2,000 Per Client and Increasing Her Sales Conversion Rate to Nearly 100%

Terrell Baldock

Terrell Baldock was in a race against time. She wanted to figure out how make more money from her coaching program for pregnant women and new moms before she gave birth again herself.

“A structured sales script really helps. My biggest struggle was closing online clients. Daniel and Eric walked me through a mock call and gave me a script. My closing rate for training now is almost 100%,” says Terrell.

“I look forward to having freedom with my family. An online business lets me have a family life and be there to see my kids grow up.”

Why Gym Owners Risk Losing Everything Unless They Add Online Training (And What Anthony Cruz Did About It)

Anthony Cruz

More and more gym owners are adding online training to increase revenue and retention.

When Anthony Cruz joined Dynamic Fitness HPK from the US Army in the summer of 2017, he wanted to offer online coaching to his tactical athlete clients. With his boss’s approval (and money) he enrolled in the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program to learn how to become an online fitness coach.

Within weeks, everyone at the gym was on board. “Online training is taking Dynamic Fitness HPK to a new level,” says Cruz.

“Daniel and Eric are great. Their insight and expertise were excellent and they provided clear direction. Increasing what we do online will allow us to hire more full-time employees and create more freedom for us.”

How Brian Donovan Doubled His Income By Raising Rates And Getting More Clients After Six Years of “Messing Everything Up”


Brian Donovan got on track to double his income to $100,000 a year within two months of graduating from the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.

The secret? Finally charging what he was worth.

The breakthrough came after more than six years of unfocused effort as an online fitness coach. Brian says he had no direction, jumping from one fad to another and “making a mess of everything.”

“I have a different outlook on sales and things are starting to take off,” says Brian. “The course gave me clarity on who I am trying to help and how to confidently sell without feeling sleazy.”

The Surprising Story of How Jeremiah Bair Harnessed Instagram (And His Own Issues) To FINALLY Build His Online Business


Ask online fitness coach Jeremiah Bair the secret to finding new clients and the 25-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska trainer will credit Instagram. Jeremiah says within a few weeks of mastering Instagram he signed up 10 new clients.

“I’d been meaning to start building my online coaching business for a few years but was always too scared to actually do it,” says Jeremiah. “The biggest thing was actually having someone to hold me accountable to constantly posting and doing stories.”

“The program has been amazing. I’m so happy with how my business has grown. Eric and Daniel helped build my business from the ground up. They helped me identify ideal clients, how to target them on IG and perfect the art of selling online coaching,” he says.

How Dave Bonollo Followed His Passion By Building His Email List. The Payoff? Saying Goodbye To The Rat Race

Dave Bonollo learned everything he needed to know about building a list to attract clients to his online fitness coaching business thanks to the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.

The 35-year-old Grafton, Massachusetts online fitness coach almost tripled his email list using Quora from 700 to 2,000 in only a few months.

“Eric and Daniel helped me focus on a few principles, rather than struggle, as I have been for two years,” says Dave. “They were with me every step of the way.”

“I highly recommend this program for people who want to start an online fitness coaching.”

It Wasn’t Easy And It Took A Long Time, But Sam Morris Tripled His Income On His Journey From Addict To Life Coach

It was a long, hard road with stops along the way at AA, rehab, jail, and hospitals. Sam turned his life around. He first became a fitness coach, and then a lifestyle coach.

“I knew that and Daniel and Eric could help with strategy, accountability, and knowledge.”

“If you want to triple your income without trading hours for dollars through online training then you shouldn’t wait another second to take advantage of the knowledge and direction of the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.”

You’re Not Getting Older, You’re Getting Better: How 58-Year-Old Jim Hart Overcome His Technophobia And Secured His Financial Future

Jim Hart

Jim Hart coaches older men, not millenials who want bigger biceps. “I appreciate working with someone like Daniel Freedman who has life experience and wisdom and could relate to me as an older guy.”

“Anyone can provide information, but real coaching is rare. They ‘get me’ and have coached me through my technophobic issues.”

“These guys are true pros and worth every dollar I have invested,” says Hart.

Gavin Now Makes $4,000 a Month From Online Training And Is Taking Five Weeks Off For His Dream Trip To Australia With His Girlfriend


Gavin spent an hour a day working on the program’s assignments. And it’s paid off big time.

Gavin is very close to the six-figure income he’s always wanted.

“None of this is easy for me,” says Gavin. “It would all take MUCH longer if not for their deadlines. The amount of homework is fair, but they push me to get it done. And guess what? I get it done! They’re challenging me to reach beyond what I’m used to and comfortable with.”

How Scott Snitchler Works 40 Hours Less A Week And Makes $4,500 More A Month


“I’ve always had fears and uncertainties about phone sales,” says Scott. “Eric gave me specific examples of what I do well and specific actions to take to improve my sales calls. Eric and Daniel both role- played with me and gave me recordings of the call so that I could practice, practice, practice.”

Shortly after graduating, Scott sold $1,200 of new business over the phone in one day! The new clients signed up for 6-12 months of training in the gym and online.

How Johnny Tea Added More Than $3,000 A Month In Revenue And Won The Freedom To Spend More Time With His Family.

Johnny Tea

“I spent an hour a day working on the homework. I found the tasks to be challenging but totally doable,” said Johnny. “Being able to reach out to Daniel or Eric at any time via email or a Skype call was extremely helpful.”

Once Johnny completed the course, it helped him work more efficiently.

Jason Donaldson Used To Write Police Reports. Now He Writes Marketing Copy That Wins Him Clients

Jason Donaldson

In 2015, when his partner almost died in a car crash, Jason lost his passion to continue coaching. He closed his business and spent nine months sitting on a beach re-evaluating his life. Eventually, Jason decided online coaching was the wave of the future and he needed to learn how to write marketing copy to attract new clients.

“I signed up for a lot of courses, seminars, webinars and one-on-one sessions over the next year which was great. But all of them glossed over the how. Very few give you specifics. I needed more help with the how, rather than the what or why,” says Jason.

How Rich Ryan Became The Coach He’d Always Wanted Himself

Rich Ryan

“Thanks again for getting my shit together and pointing me in the right direction.”

“If I had a problem or a question, Daniel and Eric were incredibly responsive to emails and requests. You could tell that these guys were busting their asses for the clients. There was never any doubt that if I needed help in a pinch that they would hook me up.”