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Gym owners need to recognize the future is here and add online training to their offerings to increase revenue and retention, says Eric Bach.

“Nobody wants to be a left in the dust,” says Bach. “But that’s exactly what will happen to gym owners who don’t change with the times. Coaches who also jump into the online game will rise to the top. They’ll add online income with few overhead expenses.”

Anthony CruzWhich brings us to Anthony Cruz of Dynamic Fitness HPK in Murrieta, California.

When Cruz joined Dynamic Fitness HPK from the US Army in the summer of 2017, he wanted to offer online coaching to his tactical athlete clients. With his boss’s approval (and money) he enrolled in the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program to learn how to become an online fitness coach.

Within weeks, everyone at the gym was on board. Dynamic Fitness HPK now offers online training to clients who include top-tier golfers and professional sports athletes.

“Online training is taking Dynamic Fitness HPK to a new level,”  says Cruz.

“Prior to introducing online training, we would lose clients who traveled a lot. They liked our in-house programming, but didn’t like the PDF-style of programming for when they were out of town.

How Cruz Did It — And How You Can, Too

To keep their traveling clients, the developed an extensive exercise library in a personalized app that delivers fully customized programs right to clients’ phones.

“The Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program provided us with actionable steps,” says Cruz.

“True online coaching now allows us to keep these clients by having everything at their fingertips when traveling. Online training has generated an extra $500 a month. Our goal is to increase that to $5,000 a month.”

Increasing what we do online will allow us to hire more full-time employees and create more freedom for us.”

For Cruz, that freedom means spending his time improving the quality of fitness training for U.S. soldiers, veterans and first responders.

“It is my passion and duty to help train our military men and women properly and efficiently in order for them to serve this nation to the best of their ability,” says the 29-year-old Captain and Medical Services Officer in the Army Reserves.

“They are expected to perform at high levels like professional athletes but without the resources professional athletes have.”

In his role as Master Fitness Instructor for the Army, Cruz saw the stats on injury rates and the $3.8 Billion price tag to treat musculoskeletal injuries.

“A high percentage of these injuries are a result of poorly executed exercises. A quick glance around a base gym reveals too many military men and women spending too much time doing too many of the wrong things. I want to help combat this.”

Cruz has the credentials to make this happen. They include a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and a Masters-degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance to a whole slew of certificates including Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

“I didn’t know anything about online training and I was too timid to dive into social media without the proper guidance to reach tactical athletes like men and women in the military, vets who want to stay in shape and first responders like police and firefighters,” says Cruz.

Cruz says the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program taught him how to create a dynamic website, compose compelling social media posts and write an article published in Military Times about the safe way for men and women in the Army to exercise.

The Takeaway

Cruz says:
“Daniel and Eric are great. Their insight and expertise were excellent.”

“Working with Daniel in the editing process really helped me understand what editors are looking for and how to write less science and do more talking to the audience.

“They provided clear direction, had a plan, and we implemented it. The number one piece of advice was to be consistent and clear with content and build trust.”

Cruz says his content directs prospective clients to his lead magnets “and ultimately gets me on the phone with them to start online training.”

“Today, gyms shouldn’t rely only on walk-in traffic. Online coaching is the way of the future to attract more clients. Anyone looking to set up online coaching can benefit from the program,” says Cruz.

Cruz’s journey to freedom began with a call with Eric Bach.

And so can yours.

It all begins with a free coaching call to see if we might have a match.

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