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Sam Morris has graduated from the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program TWICE over the past three years. Sam became an online fitness coach, then took his coaching to the next level to become a Life Coach.

But first Sam had to kick 10 years of drug addiction and alcoholism.

It was a long, hard road with stops along the way at  AA, rehab, jail, and hospitals. The one-time tennis star saw relationships made and lost. Girlfriends came and went.

It was a life of booze, drugs, anxiety, and depression.

I have been through some stuff in my life and I’m living proof that bad days, weeks, months and years don’t last,” says the 43-year-old Mountain View, CA Life Coach.

Sam Morris

The first go-around with the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program, Sam aced the course and signed up a dozen clients for his online fitness coaching.

But in 2017 Sam took an unexpected journey to Denver and back to the Bay Area “that opened my eyes to some deep-rooted things in my life. I knew then that I wanted to help people with their whole life, not just their fitness. It was like a kick in the butt. I needed to see the bigger picture. I had felt that way for a long time, just never acted on it.”

Reigniting Passion To Help Others

Realizing he no longer had the passion to be just an online fitness coach, Sam turned to Eric and Daniel a second time to enroll in the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program to become an online Life Coach.

Lifestyle coaching is a natural evolution for me. I want to have a bigger impact on people,” says Sam.

My struggles as an adult make me uniquely qualified to come at life from a very different angle than most other lifestyle coaches. My struggles have created in me empathy, compassion, and awareness that are the pillars of my coaching.”  

Sam says it was an easy decision to enroll in the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program a second time.

“I came back to the program because I realized what I was doing on my own wasn’t getting me the results that I wanted.”

“I knew from my previous go-around that Eric and Daniel could help with strategy, accountability, and knowledge.”

How Sam Launched A New Business

The first order of business for Eric and Daniel was to help Sam replace his old online fitness coaching website with to target people looking for a Life Coach. They helped coin the website’s call to action: Be Open To Change.  

“The big change in the Program deals with social media. Daniel and Eric now prioritize Instagram over other social media platforms to post videos, infographics, along with more direct and consistent content dealing with self-development stuff and life skills,” says Sam.

We’re trained to fine tune what we already wrote when creating a new blog or social media posts,” says Sam.

“What hasn’t changed is the program’s emphasis on setting you up every step of the way to making successful client sales calls and closing the deal.”

Sam says Daniel and Eric are just as accessible the second time as they were the first time he took the course.

“Help was always available,” says Sam. “They call you back and take the time to help if you have problems with your assignments. I must say though, I was readier and more willing to do the work this time.  I found the program easier the second time around.”

The Takeaway

Sam says what he got out of the program was: “Just do the work. Put yourself out there. Act like the expert you already are.”

Sam says the program changed his life — and it can change yours.

“If you want to triple your income without trading hours for dollars through online training then you shouldn’t wait another second to take advantage of the knowledge and direction of the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.”

It all begins with a free coaching call to see if we might have a match.

Book your call here.