How Terrell Baldock Built Her Home Business (Even With Three Kids!)
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Terrell Baldock was in a race against time, pregnant with her third child, when she enrolled in the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.

She wanted to learn how to improve the structure of her coaching program for pregnant women and new moms before she gave birth again herself.

“I needed to have a plan in place for when I was ready to return to training because I knew my time to learn all this was going to be limited once my son was born,” says the 38-year-old mother of three.

“I didn’t have time to figure this all out on my own, so I enrolled.” Even though Terrell had many elements already in place, she needed help with her email sequence.

Eric and Daniel helped her restructure her email marketing in a way that made sense. They also helped with her writing and content creation.

“Everything I was doing was pretty random. Now there’s more purpose and quality,” says Terrell, adding:

A structured sales script really helps. My biggest struggle was closing online clients. Daniel and Eric walked me through a mock call and gave me a script. My closing rate for training now is almost 100%”

The Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program also boosted Terrell’s confidence.

“I already had my products in place. This was more about putting myself and my products out into the universe. Putting myself out there was a little scary for me. I was honestly terrified of what fitness influencers would think of me. Daniel and Eric connected me with a couple of influencers who loved my work. This was the confidence booster I needed to get my content in front of people.”

Terrell knew that training while pregnant or as new mother was no picnic.

“When I first became a mom, I was lost and had no support. I was lonely and depressed. I thought if I got my “pre-baby” body back, I’d be happy. But it made me more miserable inside.”

“I want to give women the support that I needed and didn’t get. Women should be empowered by their bodies, not trapped inside them.”

Many of my clients come to me because they’ve worked with a pelvic floor physiotherapist and they are as far as they can get in their treatment. Most of the moms I work with have diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence post-pregnancy.

“They need a fitness program that has all of this in mind. I need to be sure to help them set realistic goals for themselves. When I first started out, I was pushing getting back into “pre-baby clothes” and the no excuses mindset — which is the last thing any woman needs.”

The next step was bringing her website,  up to speed to connect Terrell with the pregnant women and new moms who could benefit from her online fitness training.

“They helped me get some exposure with a few guest posts, helped me with my website and SEO, put a lead magnet and email sequence together. This was huge for me,” says Terrell. “I opened up four spots recently that netted me $5,000 plus another $600 for a stand-alone program. Daniel and Eric also suggested I increase my rates. Now my basic program is $996 and my higher end program is $2,016. I also increased the minimum commitment to four months.”

Terrell says the program gave her the tools and the structure she needed to get organized with marketing and overall online presence.

“I look forward to having freedom with my family. Working in a gym or leasing my own studio would have left me chained and unavailable to my family.”

“An online business lets me have a family life and be there to see my kids grow up. I get to experience the world through their eyes and not miss a thing.”