Scott Snitchler - Bach Business Coaching
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When Scott Snitchler was growing up in North Aurora, IL, he was always the youngest and smallest kid in the neighborhood. He had to work extra hard to keep up, get noticed and be chosen to be on sports teams with the older kids.

Running fast enough to keep up with the big kids turned him into quite the athlete by the time he reached high school. His track coach became a mentor who helped Scott boost his self-confidence as an athlete, team captain and eventually as an assistant coach during summer track programs.

While in the military, Scott used his experience and tools to help friends and superiors stay in shape. After his enlistment, he became certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

For the next two years, he attempted online training but was only averaging eight clients per month.

All that changed when Scott enrolled in the Hybrid Fitness Mentorship Program, a custom program meeting that helps students transform their business model to a hybrid in-person and online coaching business.

One-on-one sessions over the phone or Skype are the foundation of this three-month program.

“My goal while working with Daniel and Eric was to be on the path to increase online revenue by $4,500 per month,” says Scott. “Prior to working with Daniel and Eric my online training was only $1,000/month. After raising my rates, generating new business, and totally revamping my website I’m now reaching my goals.”

The key to Scott’s success was learning how to make telephone sales calls that work. The program provides scripts for sales calls that gave Scott the confidence he needed to close the sale and sign up new clients.

“I’ve always had fears and uncertainties about phone sales,” says Scott. “Eric gave me specific examples of what I do well and specific actions to take to improve my sales calls. Eric and Daniel both role- played with me and gave me recordings of the call so that I could practice, practice, practice.”

Shortly after graduating, Scott sold $1,200 of new business over the phone in one day! The new clients signed up for 6-12 months of training in the gym and online.

Scott used to train 21 clients a week, working 12-hour days Monday-Friday. Today, thanks to the Hybrid Fitness Mentorship Program, Scott has added online training for his 23 clients.

Best of all Scott has significantly reduced the amount of time he spends in the gym in Lisle, IL. where he has a rental deal for five consecutive hours a day Monday to Thursday.

That’s a drop from 60 hours a week in the gym to 20 hours.

“My online training allows me to work less hours in the gym and my income has increased,” says Scott. “Friday is used for consultations both online and in person as well as program design and engagement with current and potential online clients.”

Of his 23 clients, 10 train online, five train once or twice a week in the gym and have online support. The other eight are split into groups of four clients who train three times a week and also have online training.

The course also taught Scott how to raise his rates to generate more income. Now, new clients pay $150 more a month for training in the gym and $70 more a month for online coaching.

Scott says one benefit of the course was learning how to write shorter posts on social media by sticking to the point and writing the way most people speak.

“If I hadn’t enrolled in the Hybrid Fitness Mentorship Program I’d still be marketing more on trial and error rather than having a system that works uniquely for me,” says Scott. “I tried webinars and signed up for newsletters and similar courses. But they seemed to run on a syllabus rather than the one-on-one attention I received from Eric and Daniel.”

Scott says the program paid for itself within three months after he graduated. But more important than money, he is working fewer hours and spends more time on building his business.

For the first time was able to take a Christmas vacation away from the gym for a week to spend time with family.

“At 38, I’m in a good place today because of the Hybrid Fitness Mentorship Program. For 2018 I’m optimistic that I will have the most growth with the online coaching portion of my business,” says Scott.