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Like many successful fitness coaches, Pasadena CA. based Strength Coach and Manual Therapist Johnny Tea struggled to control his schedule to free up time to spend with his wife and newborn son. With 13-hour days Monday to Friday and half days on Sunday, Johnny was a victim of the busy trap workaholic schedule.

Johnny was coaching 10-12 people a day, completing 55-60 sessions a week.

The former athlete has been training people since 2006 on how to move better and feel better, as they become stronger and healthier. Training was his life! But in 2016, his priorities changed with the birth of his son, Jacob.

That’s when Johnny joined the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.

The custom program, handcrafted for each student, teaches trainers how to transform their business model to a hybrid in-person and online coaching business.

What sets the program apart from other coaching or mentoring programs is in its personal approach and accountability. It’s not an eCourse or group webinar series. One-on-one sessions over the phone or SKYPE are the foundation of the program. The course imposes deadlines for the completion of homework.

“I spent an hour a day working on the homework. I found the tasks to be challenging but totally doable,” said Johnny. “Being able to reach out to Daniel or Eric at any time via email or a SKYPE call was extremely helpful.”

Once Johnny completed the course, it helped him work more efficiently.

“There are only so many hours in a day which means there’s only so many clients you can work with in a given day. So being able to work with people online has allowed me to help more people without having to physically be present or in real time.”

Johnny now has the time to work in-person with more manual therapy clients because he transitioned many of his strength coaching clients to online by using the Trainerize App. He uploads training videos while clients post their workout videos for feedback at their convenience.

“It was a win-win not only for me but for my clients. It gave them complete autonomy to do their workouts on their time, and made it more affordable compared to seeing me multiple times a week,” says Johnny.

“Once I started implementing the online coaching system, I now see eight people a day and have 20 hybrid online clients who I see once a week, bi-weekly or monthly. It only took me a couple of weeks before I got my first online client and I’ve never looked back.

“This has been a game changer for me. I would say the online coaching has brought in an average of $3,000 to $4,000 a month of increased revenue.”

The added bonus is Johnny now works 10 hours less a week since completing the course. It provides him the freedom to spend more time with his newborn son, keep abreast of the latest coaching techniques and place more focus on short-term and long-term goals making him a better coach and businessman.

Johnny says any trainer who’s looking to help more people, work more efficiently and bring in more income should take the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship program.

“Honestly, this course helped me provide for my family and spend more time with my wife and son. It has been exactly what I envisioned when I first enrolled in the course,” said Johnny.

When asked what it would be like as a coach today if he hadn’t taken the course, Johnny says: “I would still be at the gym, but I would’ve been in the same exact position with no solution to my problem. A long list of clients, a crazy filled daily schedule and having no idea on how to make the best of the situation. I would be spending less time with my son making me more stressed than I am now.”

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