Jim Hart - Bach Business Coaching
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Men’s Journal calls Jim one of America’s top 100 fitness trainers. The 58-year-old Philadelphia native doesn’t train millennials. He prefers to help men in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

His clients hear the clock ticking louder and louder as they get older. They know there is no time to waste. They want to live life to the fullest and not be hampered by a body that doesn’t function well.

“Exercise plans all seem to be geared towards younger guys. They come from trainers and so-called experts in their 20’s and 30’s who think it’s all about big biceps,” Hart says.

“They don’t understand slowing metabolism or your aches and pains. Younger trainers don’t understand the mental and physical problems that happen as you age.”

Jim HartAs a gay man, Hart says he understands firsthand how his older clients are “desperate to keep up and look good in a gay culture obsessed with youth and body image.” Hart quotes a popular saying in the gay community: “No Pecs – No Sex!”

When Hart enrolled in the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program earlier this year, it was suggested his website www.activemenover50.com address the concerns of older clients by including the word sexy in a homepage headline.

“Daniel helped me create a killer website by appealing to the emotional issues that keep older men up at night. Addressing their problems and then trying to help solve them,” says Hart.













While the decision to join the Program was initiated by articles Eric Bach wrote for T-Nation and his experience as a coach, Hart says the thing that sold him on the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program was Daniel Freedman’s age and experience.

“I appreciate working with someone who has the life experience, wisdom and could relate to me as an older guy. For example, Dan was instrumental to help me overcome some age-related technophobia,” says Hart.

“Most of the coaching calls were with Dan. He was always good with follow up and prompt responses when I had a problem.” Together, Daniel and Eric helped Hart through some of the more challenging components of the course.

At one point, Daniel and Eric had to temper Hart’s expectations about the program.

Beware of The Pink Cloud

“I had Pink Cloud expectations when I started the course. Dan and Eric brought me down to earth in realizing that the course itself was not the ‘golden ticket’ to success. I saw what was really required to be successful. I saw how much time effort and manhours Eric and so many other successful coaches sweated through to attain success,” Hart says.

“I took the course because I value the education that will help me expand my reach beyond the boundaries of the gym. I don’t want to give up my gym. I have 20 clients now and would like to add five more. That’s why Eric’s idea of a HYBRID plan appeals to me very much. I want to add 10 online clients over the next 18 months.”

Hart says the program was pretty intense. 

“I started getting up at 4:30 am to do the homework assignments. The most valuable thing was that it made me laser focused on the marketing work that I find easy to avoid if left on my own,” says Hart. “The biggest challenge for me was to get into the habit of posting online regularly.”  

Hart says he’s walking away with three important lessons that will help him have a successful online coaching business:

1. Stay mono-maniacally focused on marketing each day. Offer valuable content and build people’s trust that you really know your stuff.

2. Build up a target audience rapport through storytelling and using your clients to talk about how your programs helped change their lives.

3.  Be consistent and persistent in following up with potential clients. Hart says: “I used to give up too easily with people who were interested in my services. Eric says you might have to keep at it for six months or more to land a new client.”

The Takeaway

Now that he has graduated from the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program, Hart says he has abandoned his pink cloud expectations.

“My goals are more practical now after completing the program. I’ll be happy to work four days a week instead of six and increase my revenue from $45,000 to 100k a year or enough to afford health insurance and take more vacations in 18 months when I turn 60.”

Hart recommends the program to others. “The service was first class. I can’t say enough about that,” says Hart.

“Anyone can provide information, but real coaching is rare to find in many other online coaching courses I have tried over the past two years.”

“They ‘get me’ and have coached me through my technophobic issues.”

“These guys are true pros and worth every dollar I have invested,” says Hart.

Jim’s journey to freedom began with a call with Eric Bach.

And so can yours.

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