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Ask online fitness coach Jeremiah Bair the secret to finding new clients and the 25-year-old Lincoln, Nebraska trainer will credit Instagram. 

Jeremiah says within three months of mastering Instagram he signed up 10 new clients. His goal is to sign up another 30 clients to bring in $9,000 a month.“My target demographic spends most of their time on Instagram,” says Jeremiah. “Instagram is the easiest platform for people to really get a glimpse of your personality, to really get to where they feel like they know you as a coach.”

“People knowing and liking you is a huge part of them eventually hiring you.”

Fittingly, it was through Instagram that Jeremiah got the help he needed to learn how to use IG to grow his fledgling online fitness coaching business. He was following Eric Bach on IG and accepted Eric’s direct message invitation to hop on a call to discuss the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.

 “I knew I needed to take action. I’d been meaning to start building my online coaching business for a few years but was always too scared to actually do it,” says Jeremiah.

“The biggest thing was actually having someone to hold me accountable to constantly posting and doing stories.”

“Posting on social media had always terrified me before, and I didn’t do it very consistently. I learned how to get my content on IG to speak to my target audience.”

“Every task that involved writing — from posting on IG to rewriting my website — was critiqued and tweaked by Daniel to be more effective. He taught me the why and how of posting on IG, including the use of infographics. Eric taught me the importance of posting on IG three times a day. It definitely paid off.”

Just a month into the five-month Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program, Jeremiah’s IG posts started generating new clients.

“The program has been amazing. I’m so happy with how my business has grown. Eric and Daniel helped build my business from the ground up. They helped me Identify ideal clients, how to target them on IG and perfect the art of selling online coaching,” he says.

Jeremiah spent about two hours a day on the program. Daniel and Eric were only a phone call away if he needed help with his homework.

“They’re great for helping work through any issues I have. We talk weekly to help map out my action steps for the near future.” 

“It seems like an intimidating task at the start, but Eric and Daniel do an incredible job of guiding you step by step through the process.”

The Behind-The-Scenes Story
While Jeremiah is on the path to success thanks to the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program, there is another part of his story that needs to be told. It’s a story about his struggle with depression and how a client who bought his first pair of pants from J. Crew changed Jeremiah’s life.

 “I’ve struggled with depression most of my life. I spent a lot of time trying to get myself as fit as possible, thinking that eventually, when I looked good enough, I’d be happy with myself. But I never was,” he says.

“Then one day, my first client was so happy with how he looked he bought his first pair of pants from J. Crew. It made me so happy that I had been a part of this dude becoming more confident. I had made him feel so much better about himself, a happier person.

“The feeling, the happiness that I got from that,  gave me a strong sense of purpose. Before, I often struggled with feeling like everything was pointless. Now, I feel like I’m impacting the lives of so many people around me.”

“My clients, especially the women, aren’t just getting more fit. I’m helping them live fuller, happier lives.”

Jeremiah’s vulnerability and being open with his clients about the things he struggled with personally helps him bond with his clients. One of his signature lessons is to insist clients include positive self-talk in their fitness training.

“The more they focus on positive talk, the more they start to see themselves in a different light. Obviously, getting physical results is important.”

“But if my clients were focused purely on the physical changes they were seeing, they’d never be happy. I’ve been there. Most of us constantly have negative thoughts about ourselves. Shifting some of those thoughts to a more positive light drastically increases what you believe you’re capable of accomplishing,” he says.

Jeremiah says it’s also good for business.

The Takeaway
Jeremiah explains the benefits of telling his story so candidly.

“It allows me to connect with clients on a much deeper level. It’s therapeutic for everyone involved to talk about the things that scare you, that make you feel insecure. It’s reassuring to know that you’re not the only one struggling with these things.”

“My favorite thing about coaching is the amazing relationships that I get to build. It’s my strength as a coach. My clients truly feel important and cared about, and my business continues to grow as a result,” says Jeremiah.

Jeremiah says:
I’d most definitely recommend the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program to anyone who’s ready to put in the work to grow their online coaching business.”

Jeremiah’s journey to freedom began with a call with Eric Bach.

And so can yours.

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