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For 20 years Jason Donaldson worked as a police officer in the Western Australia Police Department. During that time, he wrote a lot of police reports.

While still a cop, Jason thought it would be an easy transition from writing police reports to writing marketing material for his part-time fitness coaching business.

I had a lot of life experience, but my communication and writing was all influenced by 20 years in a quasi-military organization,” says Jason. He didn’t know it at the time, but it wasn’t a good fit. Jason spent 10 years trying to make his coaching business work with poorly written marketing material until he graduated from the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.

His passion for physical training led him to CrossFit in 2004 while he was still a cop. Jason adopted it as his training methodology to train fellow policemen and friends for free.

“That free help for friends evolved into a one-on-one coaching business with 10 clients,” says Jason. “I was still working as a police officer doing shift work. About 18 months later he opened the first CrossFit facility in Western Australia.

A few years later Jason quit the police force to work full time on his coaching business.

In 2015, when his partner almost died in a car crash, Jason lost his passion to continue coaching. He closed his business and spent nine months sitting on a beach re-evaluating his life. Eventually, Jason decided online coaching was the wave of the future and he needed to learn how to write marketing copy to attract new clients.

“I signed up for a lot of courses, seminars, webinars and one-on-one sessions over the next year which was great. But all of them glossed over the how. Very few give you specifics. I needed more help with the how, rather than the what or why,” says Jason.

I eventually chose Daniel and Eric’s Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program over the others because it was personalized. It was actual coaching rather than just an online course, which many others are, although they’re marketed and sold as coaching.”

It didn’t take long for Daniel and Eric to zero in on Jason’s writing.

“I had a website that was in desperate need of an overhaul. It was very generic and didn’t reflect me as a person or my coaching philosophy. With their help, I changed the layout and copy to include a clear path for visitors to take to employ my services. We also included clear calls to action,” says Jason.

“The main thing I got from Eric and Daniel was specific help with copywriting. They would have me write the blog, sales page etc. and they would go through it with a fine-tooth comb and make actionable suggestions on the copy. They tailored all my copy to my audience.”

“They also helped give me direction. Rather than trying to be all things to all people and do EVERYTHING, they guided me in doing the things I needed to do most, in the right sequence. We constructed my coaching packages in a profitable and logical manner.”

Jason says the number one piece of advice from Daniel and Eric was “work out who you want to coach and then target everything towards that person.”

Jason says a month after he finished the course he signed up nine online coaching clients and two in-person clients. He now works five hours a day with weekends off and says he is making more money now than when he was working 12 hour days, six days a week.

“I’ve never wanted to be just another coach/trainer targeting the masses and offering weight-loss solutions. That’s not what I do. However, it was the area I was unwittingly drifting towards. I am now more focused on offering coaching solutions to those I actually want to coach, rather than have to coach.

“I also get to spend more time with my partner when she isn’t working. My two teenage sons love the fact they have a dad taxi to drive them everywhere,” Jason says.

It all begins with a free coaching call to see if we might have a match.

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