How Brian Donovan Stopped "Messing Up" And Doubled His income
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This is the story of how Brian Donovan got on track to double his income to $100,000 a year within two months of graduating from the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program.

The secret? Finally charging what he was worth.

The breakthrough came after more than six years of unfocused effort as an online fitness coach.

“Before the program I had about 10 clients paying anywhere from $97-$147/month,” says the 35-year-old Chicago online fitness trainer.  “I was on pace to make less than $20K annually.”

“By the end of the program, Eric and Daniel were pushing me to raise my rates. They said I was undervaluing my service,” says Brian.

“Just recognizing the market value and what I have to offer with my experience and then being able to sign-up new clients at a higher rate was a big help.

“It was the push I needed. I also have a different outlook on sales and am more confident when speaking with clients about what I have to offer and what it’s worth.”

“I think it’s feasible to hit the $100K marker in one year’s time from now, by going from my current 24 clients to 40,” says Brian.  “The last two weeks of business have been my best ever: 2 new clients from Instagram, 1 from an application on my site, 2 old in-person clients, 2 from the free trial on my website and 1 from an inquiry for in-person training that turned into a sale for online coaching. Things are starting to take off!”
Brian Donovan

How Brian Found His Niche

Brian says he got into online coaching to target busy working professionals who can’t  make time in their busy schedules to get to the gym.

“I wanted to help them make time for their health in a way that is realistic, efficient and manageable,” says Brian.

“But I was all over the place trying different strategies, tools, and tactics. In the end, I made a mess of everything.”

That’s why I joined the Hybrid Fitness Business Mentorship Program. I needed help cleaning up my sales copy and developing a system to cut out all of the clutter.

Brian says the program succeeded on many levels to bring order out of chaos and create an efficient online business.

“They suggested I stop bouncing around from the fad du jour and focus on what was important to grow my business like:

  • Identifying my Ideal Client
  • Directing my sales copy towards that client
  • Developing a lead magnet for that client
  • Developing a Facebook ad campaign to get those ideal clients onto my email list
  • Focus on building my Instagram followers and turning some of those followers into paying clients”


Becoming A Content Machine

The Instagram training proved to be the most beneficial for Brian’s online coaching business.

“I took a lot of my old content I had written over the years, improved it and created infographics for it that helped a lot with gaining followers.”

“I had 400 followers when I started the program. Now I have almost 4,000 Instagram followers and five new paying clients.”

Daniel and Eric also targeted Brian’s poor blogging performance at where he only had a dozen blogs posted. Now Brian has almost 50 blogs posted online.

“The program taught me how blogging helps to establish authority, credibility, and drive more traffic to my site with the potential to get more opt-ins and people into my private Facebook group,” says Brian.

“As a bonus, whenever a client, prospective client, or follower on social media has a question, I now have a much larger pool of original content to direct them to my website rather than sending them a link to someone else’s articles.”

Brian also learned the benefits of being a guest blogger.

“Having your articles featured on higher ranking websites from other reputable health and fitness professionals and companies can help with your own site’s SEO and gain new readers, followers, and potential clients.”

The Takeaway

Brian recommends the program to everyone because “it meets you where you are.”

“There is one-on-one interaction with an actual person as opposed to an online course built for the masses.”

“The course gave me clarity on who I am trying to help and how to confidently sell without feeling sleazy.”

“The #1 reason to enroll in this program if you are just starting out is to avoid the analysis paralysis that a lot of new business owners can get sucked into.”

“You’ll get clear action steps from Eric and Daniel to focus on each week so that you can get up and running and get your first few clients to get that momentum.”

It all begins with a free coaching call to see if we might have a match.

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