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Gavin Already Has One Article Published In T-Nation, A Second Pending And A Third Under Review For Publication.


Gavin spends an hour a day working on the program’s assignments. The feedback he gets from Daniel and Eric is what helps make it work.

“None of this is easy for me,” says Gavin. “It would all take MUCH longer if not for their deadlines. The amount of homework is fair, but they push me to get it done. And guess what? I get it done! They’re challenging me to reach beyond what I’m used to and comfortable with.”

How Scott Snitchler Works 40 Hours Less A Week And Makes $4,500 More A Month


“I’ve always had fears and uncertainties about phone sales,” says Scott. “Eric gave me specific examples of what I do well and specific actions to take to improve my sales calls. Eric and Daniel both role- played with me and gave me recordings of the call so that I could practice, practice, practice.”

Shortly after graduating, Scott sold $1,200 of new business over the phone in one day! The new clients signed up for 6-12 months of training in the gym and online.

How Johnny Tea Added More Than $3,00 A Month In Revenue And Won His Freedom

Johnny Tea

“I spent an hour a day working on the homework. I found the tasks to be challenging but totally doable,” said Johnny. “Being able to reach out to Daniel or Eric at any time via email or a Skype call was extremely helpful.”

Once Johnny completed the course, it helped him work more efficiently.

Jason Donaldson Used To Write Police Reports. Now He Writes Marketing Copy That Wins Him Clients


In 2015, when his partner almost died in a car crash, Jason lost his passion to continue coaching. He closed his business and spent nine months sitting on a beach re-evaluating his life. Eventually, Jason decided online coaching was the wave of the future and he needed to learn how to write marketing copy to attract new clients.

“I signed up for a lot of courses, seminars, webinars and one-on-one sessions over the next year which was great. But all of them glossed over the how. Very few give you specifics. I needed more help with the how, rather than the what or why,” says Jason.