Why being yourself is important | Bach Business Coaching Blog Post
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Why Being Yourself Is So Important To Getting Clients

Sipping my smoldering afternoon coffee I asked Mike:
Why did you get into training and lose weight?”

“Let’s cut the B.S. I wanted to get laid.”

I gulped, snickered, and nearly dumped scorching hot liquid gold all over my lap. I asked Mike to go on. He did.

“I was always a big guy as a college football lineman, so I never got the chicks compared to my friends. I wanted to rip my shirt off and feel good doing it. And frankly, I rarely got laid. I want to help other guys lose fat, get more confident, and ultimately, get laid.”

Is Mike right, wrong, shallow, politically incorrect…or what? He was  a new business coaching client and this happened on our first coaching call. 

That’s the call that helps you get clear on who your ideal client is and the number one problem you’ll help them solve.

This step simplifies your message and streamlines your marketing, making creation so easy a caveman can do it.

The result?

You’ll have a clear-cut message, making you memorable.

You’ll speak directly to one person, your ideal client, and build deeper connections.

You’ll get damn good at creating the solution for one specific problem (i.e. fat loss) to become a go-to expert in the niche you choose.

The first step?
You must hone in on what your clients actually want.

Not what you want or THINK what your clients want. You must use your clients’ exact words to create exact solutions.

Which brings us back to Mike.

Mike doesn’t want to work with aging athletes.

He doesn’t want to work with stay-at-home moms.

He wants to help guys drop weight (he’s lost over 80 pounds) so they can have more confidence and yes, have more sex.

He knows the key motivator for his audience and he’s doubling down on it with a tagline such as. “Live Your Life Shirtless, Not Sexless.”

So, it is too blunt? To some, yes.

Will it turn some people off? Yes.

That’s okay.

Will some people see his content and say, “Hell yeah, this guy is for real and gets to the point?”

Oh, hell yes.

Mike is an unapologetic, hard-charging ‘bro. He knows it, he owns it and wants to work with others like him.

And while talking directly about sex as a motivator sounds taboo or off-putting to others, it’s going to make him stand out 10x more to his ideal clients while repelling those who wouldn’t be a good fit.

Unlike most trainers, Mike got straight to the core issue: What his clients want.

Far too many trainers build their branding around their listed credentials or expertise rather than helping clients solve a specific problem.

They create content, lead magnets, and write emails to impress their colleagues instead of solving the one clear-cut problem their audience is struggling with.

Then they wallow in despair, wondering why they’re writing Instagram posts to an invisible choir.

Too many trainers try to be all things to all people. They end up being nothing to everyone and get lost in the crowd of “average” online trainers.  

Mike speaks directly to his ideal clients, creating personal relationships and conversations.

The key?

We helped Mike get crystal clear on his ideal client and how he’s going to help them transform their bodies.

Instead of wallowing in information overload he now has a clear-cut direction with his content knows exactly what he needs to talk about to build an IMPACTFUL fitness business.

If you’re spinning your wheels and wondering, “where do I start?” then it’s time for a change.

We’ll help you gain the same clarity, focus, and direction with you schedule your Impact Fitness Business Audit here: Book Your Call