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Wendy’s Baconator of Bad Marketing (Don’t Make This Mistake)

Take a peek at this picture I took in Athens, Georgia.

Look closely.

Did you cackle on a crowded sidewalk and nearly choke on your Smart Water as I did?

There is no ‘D’ on “doesn’t”. The sign is supposed to boast of “service that doesn’t cut corners.” But the letter ‘D’ had fallen off. Wendy’s was now promising that it “oesn’t cut corners.”

Its lack of attention to detail completely undermined its message: trying to get you to buy their products because it doesn’t cut corners.

Talk about a disconnect! And you may be making the same mistake as Wendy’s:
Not living up to the key messaging of your business.

To avoid that sad fate, here’s what you need to do.

1. Stick To Your Promises

Tell your audience you’re going to show them the ins and outs of transforming their bodies.
 Tell them you’ll never force-feed bottom-of-the-barrel information for a quick buck. 
Then stick to it. Make bold promises and stay true to your word.

2. Be One With Your Community

They want you to understand their problems, how they’ve been burned, and feel their pain. 
Use your story and your past client’s stories to relate to your clients. People buy from those they know, like, and trust.

3. Tell Stories

When you’re selling coaching or a fitness solution you’re not selling better abs. You’re selling a better life. Your stories connect you with your, making you seen likable and real.

4. Admit Your Mistakes

Your prospects want to relate to you.  Humanize yourself by highlighting your struggles. Suggest they can overcome the struggles the same way you did.

5. Lead By Example

In my fitness business, my tagline is “I help busy people look good naked without living in the gym.”  I share my short workouts. I share my dieting methods. I share my weekends—how I enjoy life outside of the gym.  

6. Invest in Your Product

Many coaches talk about the importance of coaching, yet fail to invest in coaching themselves. Tell me: would you buy a house from a real estate agent who is a renter?

Investing in improving yourself is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

I learned this the hard way after putting off “coaching” for years…until the gym I was working at cut my pay by 50%.

I eventually left the job and invested in coaching after spinning my wheels for a few months. But I didn’t have the cash. I was in my early 20’s, trying to save for a wedding…and put most of the payment on credit without telling my fiance.

It was scary. But I learned the most important business lesson of life:

If you want to succeed, you need to invest in coaches and mentors who’ve walked miles in your shoes. You’ll avoid the biggest mistakes. You’ll succeed faster. You’ll have the expertise and accountability to thrive.

Since that first decision, I’ve spent more than $100,000  of my hard-earned money on continuing my education.

Why? I knew I needed to be receiving and improving the same service I’m selling: coaching.

The truth is you can only take someone as far as you’ve gone yourself.

And if you’re stuck, saying “I’m not sure what to do” or “IDK how to get started online” know this. I’ve been in your shoes…even when it seems like there’s no way you can afford it.

The truth I learned was I couldn’t afford NOT to have a coach if I wanted to make a difference and make a great living.

I went from being a stressed, underpaid trainer to helping hundreds of people transform their lives while making a great living.

Your first step? Hop on a complimentary business audit here.

We’ll uncover what’s holding you back. We’ll formulate your own path to success. And if you’re a good fit, we’ll lead you every step of the way to building a successful fitness business.

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