How Victor Kuo Said Goodbye To A Soul-Sucking Corporate Job To Become A 100k Online Fitness Coach - Bach Business Coaching
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How Victor Kuo Said Goodbye To A Soul-Sucking Corporate Job To Become A 100k Online Fitness Coach

For Victor Kuo it’s a dream come true.

At age 36, married, and with his first child on the way….

Victor is quitting his soul-sucking corporate job to become a full-time trainer with a $100,000 income thanks to the skills, confidence, and financial nest egg he acquired through Bach Business Coaching.

The remarkable thing is that Victor was able to do all this while still working 60+ hours a week in the Investor Relations sector of the financial services industry.

Fitness and nutrition had always been passions for Victor. A fluent Mandarin speaker, he had even spent a decade in China and opened a meal prep and fast-casual fitness-related restaurant there.

But the pandemic hit his business hard and Victor returned to the US.

“Upon returning, a brick and mortar fitness business didn’t seem to make sense and I was fresh off the boat with no idea what the US market was like.”

“I took a job in Investor Relations (my first career) again but became quickly frustrated with work and my direct line of management which conflicted with my personal values.”

“I wanted a way back into fitness but wasn’t sure how. When Eric reached out after I followed his account on instagram, it sparked the idea that online coaching could be a path forward.”

It worked. Victor managed to put $16,000 in the bank as he learned how to start a business from scratch.

Victor says Eric and Daniel “helped me understand my ideal client avatar and how to market to them.”

The biggest things he learned was confidence and overcoming his tendency to perfectionism and paralysis of analysis in reaching his ideal clients: busy executives. 

“Daniel and Eric continued to remind me ‘progress over perfection’ and give me confidence in my work to put it out there and keep the momentum going.”

“There was definitely hesitation at first at charging what I now know I am worth –  and their coaching gave me the confidence to ask for what I need to make it worth my time to coach.”

“In terms of offers, they refined my focus to help me take back control of time AND gain confidence in my program. Instead of trying to serve everyone I needed to develop an offer and be selective about the clients I took.”

“They helped me see this concept and execute it.”

The result?

“I expect to do no less than 100k for 2022.”

“I think the greatest thing that will change about my life is that I will take back control of my own time and finally be fully invested in doing something that aligns with my values instead of constantly fighting myself and procrastinating on things because I actually just hate the work.”

“I’ve always been obsessed with fitness on my own personal level, and I’ve never been scared of working, but now I can use my time for something that matters to me instead of doing something I wish I didn’t have to do.”

Victor also liked the extreme customization in Bach Business Coaching.

“There is an unlimited amount of content that can push forward progress, but everyone in the program is at a different stage.”

“Daniel and Eric made sure I was progressing at the right stage to make immediate progress while continuing to push forward tasks that generate sustainable long-term growth.” 

“I felt after just two weeks in the course that it was worth the money.”

“I got clarity on a defined path for execution that I could not have figured out on my own without years of experimenting.”

“Working with Bach Business Coaching allowed me to save years of time trying to figure out a way to break into the fitness industry and stand out in a sea of misinformation.”

“If you want a clear, no-BS way to enhance your personal business-related skill set, increase your profits, and take back control of your time, you need to work with Eric and his team.”

You can achieve the same freedom and success Victor has. It all begins with a coaching call with our Program Director, Kameron Bryant.

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