Traveling Europe And Living Life On His Own Terms On A 6-Figure Income - Bach Business Coaching
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Traveling Europe And Living Life On His Own Terms On A 6-Figure Income

Stefano Rinaldo is a trainer unlike any other.

His mission and values are so important to him that he would be the first to say he is not for everyone.

He has no problem saying “no” to potential clients whose values do not align with his.

That’s why Stefano is so pleased to be living life on his terms, traveling Europe in a van, while being on track to earn USD $105,000 in 2022 and USD $210,000 in 2023.

That’s a far cry from the USD $63,000 Stefano earned in 2021.

Stefano is a Spanish citizen who has lived in the UK, speaks three languages, and has clients in Europe, Australia, and the U.S

He is a calisthenics trainer, vegan, and animal rights advocate who targets higher income people in their 20s and 30s who want to lose weight and build muscle… but think calisthenics is too advanced for them.

The name of Stefano’s business is CaliVegan and he is very clear that he will NOT work with clients…
…unless they are either already vegans, or at least open to considering the idea.

He is careful to “pre-qualify” applicants with a video that eliminates time-wasting sales calls for those who are not a match.

Stefano says Eric and Daniel were “very respectful” of his belief system and everything was highly customized.

He has done other coaching programs and says the Bach difference was…

I felt there was a direct look at my business and niche. Other coaching programs will give you the tools,  but not much customized coaching.”

Stefano also has high praise for the direct, hands-on coaching the Bach team provided and their 24/7 availability via Facebook chat.

“The biggest benefit I found in Bach Business Coaching was the group chat. Daniel, Eric and Kameron have been very helpful and satisfying in helping me going through doubts. Also having Daniel, a professional copywriter, checking all your marketing material doesn’t hurt either 😉.”

Stefano originally learned about Bach Business Coaching through positive reviews on a Facebook group that reviews fitness business mentors.

He recovered his investment in fewer than 30 days…then supercharged his business.

Stefano says he had previously worked with “very good business coaches with the best tools” but the Bach Business Coaching difference was “a deeper look into my business to understand what would work for me.”

Stefano recommends Bach Business Coaching for…

Someone who needs more than generic strategies and needs some customized suggestions and commentary.”

“Eric is a fitness coach and successful businessman. And has all the tools you need to start earning money online.”

You can achieve the same freedom and success Stefano has. It all begins with a coaching call with our Program Director, Kameron Bryant.

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