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Tough Love on Overcoming Fear Of Failure

Nick Yarris was severely beaten as a child, suffered permanent brain damage, and was falsely imprisoned on death row for 22 years for a rape and murder he didn’t commit.

It was a gravest of injustices.

But 13 years later as a man freed by DNA evidence, Nick has read over 9,000 books, written a few, been the subject of movies, and become a world-renowned speaker.

Still, Nick said in a podcast with Joe Rogan: “I’ve failed.”
Despite overcoming insurmountable odds and surviving harrowing near-death experiences, torture, and false imprisonment to help inspire thousands with his message…

….Nick believes he’s a failure.

What Joe points out is he’s failing to take into account all he’s overcome.

Now, I’m going to bet you and I haven’t had the same troubles as Nick…but we’ve all felt like failures sometimes, even when we’ve made progress.

You’ve lost some weight and changed a few habits. But you haven’t reached your final destination.

You’re stuck on your bench press. But you forget that you used to struggle with the bar.

Nick is a dramatic example of what we all need to do sometimes: gratitude and self-love. We need to reflect back and take note of all we’ve overcome.

We’re not failing. We’re simply going through the process.

Your struggles pave the path to your success.

It’s hard to start something new, whether it’s a diet, a business, or building a new skill.

The world doesn’t open its doors and allow success to blow in.

Life just doesn’t work this way in business, in the gym, or anywhere. 

My first attempt at business failed. My first few years of training were utterly futile.

No matter what you’re trying, it won’t always work right the first time. In fact, it almost NEVER does.

You must simply recalibrate what went wrong, come at it from a new angle, and go again. Facing down failure and trying again is the essence of being human.

No one gets six-pack abs with one day or one diet.

No one writes a best-selling book without spending countless hours honing their craft with articles, short stories, and smaller projects.

No one builds a business without trying numerous approaches, failing, improving, and persisting.

You take time, you learn, you fail, and you get back to work.

 This is the process. Through the process you build courage, you build skills, and yes, you find success.

So, my question to you…what are you struggling with? What “feels” like a failure right now?

Let’s talk about it on a phone call. Please book it here.

P.S. If you want to check out the full podcast, head here. The excerpt I’m referring too took place around 1:14.15.