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The Tortoise, The Hare and The Power Hour

Have you heard the legend of the tortoise and the hare?

The hare sprints ahead but fizzles out faster than a wickless candle.

The tortoise starts slow, but plods along and ends up winning in the end. “Slow and steady wins the race” is supposed to be the moral of the story.
Power Hour

Well, it’s a nice story. But it’s dead wrong when it comes to building your business.

Most personal trainers fail because they act too slowly, not too quickly.

First, they never get started in the first place. They wait for the perfect time, reading motivational quotes, emails, and gathering all the tips in hopes the ideal time will appear out of thin air. It never does.

Second, they TRY to play the long game but fail to make progress fast enough. Their motivation is extinguished faster than a small campfire that has a giant bucket of water dumped on it.

They buy into the idea of “slow and steady”…and making small improvements each day. Yes, constant growth is necessary and doing something is better than doing nothing.

But accepting small wins as progress without making big wins is like dying a death of a thousand slow cuts.


This strategy neglects the human psychological element. Even the most well-intentioned and driven trainers lose momentum, motivation, and money if they don’t make quick wins. They need to create the systems needed to drive long-term profits and progress.

Think of it this way. What happens when you have a new client who’s looking to lose fat, yet make no progress in the first month of the program?

They start out hot, but fizzle and leave because they’re not seeing progress. This is why “challenges” and quick fix diets are so popular. They get people results. The reason they fail is they set unrealistic expectations and don’t leverage the momentum in a safe way.

A better formula is to create quick wins with your clients. Then adopt a safe, sustainable, long-term approach for your clients. Right, wrong, or indifferent, this is human nature and building your business is no different.

You need the sprint and spirit of a hare to get cash in the door.

You need the perseverance and endurance of tortoise to win over time.

If you’re lacking either, you’ll fail. I don’t want that for you, so I’m going to share my daily strategy, called…

The Power Hour

Step One: Create content to get eyeballs on your business and your message. No attention, no business. Do this posting on the social media platform where your clients reside. Provide value and build relationships.

Step Two: Create conversations with your ideal clients. Reaching out to those who like, comment, and interact with your content should be a daily habit. It’s your responsibility to craft relationships and drive business. Do this by providing value and solutions to people’s problems. It is your responsibility to cultivate connections and turn them into prospects and buyers.

Step Three: Warm up prospects and convert them into clients with sales copy or via phone sales. Do this by working to make sales every day. Use Direct Messages (DMs.) Master phone sales. Write compelling sales copy to turn prospects into clients.

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