Why Trainers Stress Out (And How To Fix It) | Bach Business Coaching Blog
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The Biggest Stress-Causing Problem For Personal Trainers

The most stressful times in my business came from inconsistency.

Sales slow down and business growth slows to a trickle.


While it’s tempting to blame Covid-19 for everything these days, the problem predates the pandemic. There are re are two reasons this happened to me and so many other trainers:

  • The fear of marketing and sales
  • A lack of repeatable systems

Without an understanding of sales and marketing, it DOESN’T MATTER how good of a coach you are. No-one will know who you are and worse, won’t be able to invest and fix their fitness. Think about it and you’ll conclude:

Not only is a lack of marketing and sales knowledge a bottleneck in your business, it’s borderline unethical IF you got into training to help people.


When you understand sales and marketing you can (ethically) help your clients achieve their goals, just like you wanted to when you joined the industry.

The problem is most trainers never conquer the fear of marketing and sales and as a result, never build the business they deserve.

The second most important component is building systems. Sure, you can hustle your way to a good living as an online coach, but you’ll end up in the same spot you were when you started: chasing leads like a door-to-door salesman.


A much better option is to build a repeatable system that generates clients, warms them up, and helps them achieve their goals by investing in your coaching program.

But talking about marketing and systems and actually developing them are two different things.

It’s easy to talk a big game. But when it comes down to it, nothing happens until you commit and go all in on making it happen.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and feeling overwhelmed after downloading random “hacks”, watching sporadic webinars and trying to build your business with this random assortment of tips then you MUST change.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to step up to the plate.

You MUST change your mindset and your actions if you want to change your future.

If you agree a step-by-step blueprint and hands-on coaching from a trainer who’s been in the trenches both online and in the gym WILL help you build the business that provides the income you deserve and the freedom you need, then let’s chat.

Our Fit Biz coaching program is hands-on and high touch. You’ll get daily support and weekly calls to help you understand sales and marketing, how to coach clients online, and how to build the systems to continue growing.

This isn’t a course or a mastermind–it’s real coaching from real coaches.

If you’re ready to dominate the rest of your summer and transform your business once and for all, here’s the next step.

Fill out a short application for your fitness business audit. We’ll dig in and determine your biggest roadblocks, outline your path to success, and if we’re a match for the program, unlock the vault and give you everything you need to transform your business.

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