The Nisha Smith Story: “I Have More Money In The Bank Than Ever” - Bach Business Coaching
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The Nisha Smith Story: “I Have More Money In The Bank Than Ever”

For Nisha Smith, it’s all about more choices, more freedom and more time for what matters most: her family.

But more money helps make all that possible.

Nisha more than doubled her training income during her five months in the Bach Business Coaching program.

Nisha says: “I have more money in my bank account than ever. I have savings. I don’t run out of money ever, which is great. It feels good.

Nisha is on track to make $7,000 a month, working part-time and mostly from home. She has cut way back on her hours in the gym. Remarkably, all this was accomplished during “COVID time” and while pregnant.

With a third baby on the way in three months and a lot more family income, Nisha says she wants to give her husband the option of cutting back to part-time work because “he’d be a great stay at home dad.”

Nisha says: “My life is more organized because I have a game plan that I didn’t have before.”

“I used to always be stressed and lose a lot of sleep because I didn’t know how to take my business in the right direction. Now I know what needs to be done.”

 “It’s not JUST about money. It’s about getting the freedom that lets me be a good mom and take care of my house.”

 Nisha’s ideal clients are moms like her who are so busy taking care of everyone else that they can forget to take care of themselves. They want to stop yo-yo dieting and keep the weight off forever.

Nisha writes in her lead magnet:

Here we go again.

The seasons have changed and you’re staring at all the clothes in your closet that don’t fit. AGAIN!

It’s like your “skinny clothes” are teasing you. Is it time to haul out the “fat clothes” or buy new ones?

You want more energy for work and to keep up with your kids.
But you don’t want to be bored with exercise or eat rabbit food.
Most of all, you don’t want to work your butt off for a while to get back into those “skinny clothes” only to see the pounds creep back on.

You’ve been down that road many times before.But you aren’t sure how to make the change permanent. Sometimes you just feel like giving up.

“But there is good news. I can help, because I’m a lot like you.”

Nisha says “Eric and Daniel helped me a lot,” in formulating her message.

“I don’t have the stress about what the heck am I going to post about every day. It’s a lot easier. Comes more naturally. They also convinced me to hire someone to edit my exercise videos I shoot every week.”

“This gives me more time to do market research each day.”

“I try to find out what my target audience is really looking for to help me create good content that speaks to them.

“Every day I spend time creating content then I try to reach out to one to five people in my DMs.

 The next step?

“I love coming up with creative ways to get people moving by incorporating moves influenced from multiple sports and training techniques I learned through the years as a former athlete in basketball, soccer and track and field.” 

 Nisha says one of the best things about Bach Business Coaching is how the program was paced.

“You guys did a really great job of keeping me from feeling like I was getting too much information at once. You kind of tailored it to what I needed to learn.”

“It wasn’t information overload.”

 “I really liked how you guys pushed me to check in every week. It forced me to stay on top of my game.”

“You kind of lit a fire under my ass, so to speak.”

 “I can’t say enough how amazing this coaching has been for me.I am so much better at selling myself. I am posting consistently online. I know how to talk to my target audience.”

Be like Nisha. Take control and win your freedom. It all begins with a coaching call with our Program Director, Kameron Bryant.

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