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How Our Program Beat All The Rest To Help A Marine Better Serve Those Who Most Need His Help

When United States Marine Corps (USMC) Staff Sergeant Bryan Mayorga wanted to launch an online coaching program to help current and aspiring service members, police officers and firefighters get in the best shape of their lives to crush their fitness tests…

…he turned to Hybrid Fit Biz to help him relaunch his website

“The awesome thing about this course is that it meets the needs for someone who is a complete beginner in the online fitness business,” Mayorga says. 

He added 12 clients, which is all he can handle as an active duty Marine. 

“I suffered from information overload and an unclear path before I met Daniel and Eric,” says Mayorga.

Mayorga had worked with a business coach before but was surprised and disappointed when the person outsourced the actual coaching. Mayorga didn’t get what he’d paid for.

That made Mayorga wary, so he carefully researched coaches and coaching programs for his second attempt. He rejected approaches based on a textbook, eCourse or webinar series. He wanted direct and personal coaching from people he trusted. 

Mayorga decided to go with Hybrid Fit Biz and this time he got what he paid for. “There’s no better way I can think of than having Eric and Daniel develop your business with YOUR personality and brand.”

“I love that I didn’t have to conform to any one way of doing something because I didn’t want someone else to build a business with my name on it, I wanted to build MY business.”

The “Come To Jesus Moment”

Mayorga’s decision to launch Defender Generation was the result of a “Come To Jesus Moment” while serving as a USMC recruiter. He was confronted by a trash-talking 17-year-old aspiring Marine who challenged him to do 20 pull-ups.

“My awards, three deployments to the Middle East and 12 years of experience seemed to count for nothing,” says Mayorga.

“He and his buddies expected their Marine recruiter to crush an easy 20 pull-ups. But I couldn’t do it. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my military career: not being able to ‘walk the walk’ while I stressed the importance of self-improvement.”

“I expected max results from my future Marines, yet I couldn’t display it.”

Mayorga turned his “Come To Jesus Moment” into a call to action. For the next six months, he sought out scientific experts in the fitness industry, read a lot of textbooks and created a fitness program that helped him lose 15 pounds, get into peak physical condition and be able to knock out those 20 pull-ups.

Shortly afterward, Mayorga started his online coaching business and told clients they’d still be yelled at in boot camp. “But at least you can smile when you drop and give ‘em push-ups by summoning the last bit of strength you have to keep your chest off the ground.”

What Comes Next

Mayorga is scheduled to attend the Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Quantico, VA shortly for the opportunity to be promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. His acceptance came just a few weeks after he was selected for promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, a promotion that is far from automatic.  

“The candidate selection process for OCS is very competitive. Your success depends on crushing pull-ups, running faster, and losing fat. Had I not encountered my Come To Jesus moment and worked on getting into better shape, I don’t think I’d be on my way to Quantico in the Fall,” says Mayorga.

“One of my first clients earned a spot as a Tier-1 OCS candidate thanks to the individual program I designed for him that improved his Physical Fitness Test score.”

The USMC demands its 2nd Lieutenants be physically fit to lead their Marines in daily physical fitness and field training regimens.

How Mayorga Did It

As a Staff Sergeant of Marines who trained and supervised avionics technicians at Camp Pendleton, California, Mayorga had to juggle his busy professional and family schedule to complete the Hybrid Fit Biz program. It became an exercise in managing priorities, early morning calls, and a lot of instant messaging.

“I used the time management training that Eric and Daniel provided with Most Important Tasks (MIT’s),” says Mayorga. “Eric and Daniel’s calls were a high priority so I would carve out time during the day to take their calls.”

“Daniel was especially accommodating making some pre-dawn calls to work around my schedule.”

 Mayorga says Eric taught him the value of consistency while Daniel taught him the value of copywriting.

 “My writing improved tremendously. It became more precise and less sporadic,” says Mayorga, whose Facebook ads helped generate six new clients.

The Takeaway

“The Hybrid Fit Biz course has saved me years of struggle and failure,” says Mayorga.

“Self-doubt and disarray have been replaced with confidence and a business model that fits my schedule, my brand, and serves the people I enjoy coaching most.”

Mayorga’s journey began with a free consultation call.

So can yours. 

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