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Overcoming “Technophobia” As an Online Coach

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You want to build an online business, but you’re overwhelmed with deciding what app to use, how to build a website, and how to deliver a great service to your clients.

And if you’re like most trainers, you let this fear prevent you from doing the one thing you need to do most:  taking daily, focused action.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone here. For the longest time, I’d get hung up on “tech stuff” and end up spinning my wheels, never making meaningful progress in my business.

Jim Hart

Coach Jim Hart, a 58-year-old trainer, had the same experience. He was consistently bogged down with the endless options to build an online business. As the saying goes (and as you see with your clients in fitness) if you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch none.

Like Jim, what you need isn’t a tech manual. It’s accountability and a narrow focus. And like Jim, you can retake control of your schedule, make a bigger impact on the world, and build your financial freedom online training.


Jim Hart highlighted three keys to his success:

Stay mono-maniacally focused on marketing each day. Offer valuable content and build people’s trust that you really know your stuff.

Eric’s note: Building a business takes consistent progress. In short, you need to get one step better each day. Instead of trying to be everywhere at once, we’ll help you find where your ideal clients are, and speak directly to them. No more information overload.

Build up a target audience rapport through storytelling and using your clients to talk about how your programs helped change their lives.

Eric’s note: people don’t know how much you know until they know how much you care. We’ll help you create clear, focused content to attract your ideal clients.

Be consistent and persistent in following up with potential clients. Hart says: “I used to give up too easily with people who were interested in my services. Eric says you might have to keep at it for six months or more to land a new client.”

Eric’s note: Most trainers give up after one message. We’ll teach you our step-by-step follow-up system to generate consistent leads and sales.

Jim says:

“The service was first class. I can’t say enough about that.”

“Anyone can provide information, but real coaching is rare to find in many other online coaching courses I have tried over the past two years.”

“They ‘get me’ and have coached me through my technophobic issues.”

“These guys are true pros and worth every dollar I have invested.”

If you’re looking for the same hands-on coaching, expert guidance, accountability, and skills to add dollars to your bottom line and remove stress from your day-to-day life, let’s chat.

We’ll dig in and determine your biggest roadblocks and outline your path to success. If we’re a match for the program, unlock the vault and give you everything you need to transform your business.

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