How Mitch Calvert Quit His Day Job And Won His Freedom | Bach Business Coaching Blog
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How Mitch Calvert Quit His Day Job And Makes More Money Working Half As Much With Online Personal Training


This is a story with a happy ending about how Mitch Calvert finally got what he wanted most: more time to spend with his young family by working fewer hours and making more money.

That involved learning how to become an online fitness coach with the goal of quitting his day job as Communications Officer at the Jewish Community Center in Winnipeg, Canada. Eighteen months after completing the course, Mitch did just that.

“The morning after I quit my day job, I was woken by my toddler and baby simultaneously,” says the founder of Calvert Fitness, which specializes in “Mansformation” programs for guys who want to lose their Dad Bods. 

“I was in full control of my day, which is a great feeling. I have more time to see my kids grow up. I can pick and choose when I work around my schedule, not someone else’s.

“Today, I earn more in 20 hours of coaching a week than I did working 40 hours in my management job,” says Mitch.

And that made Mitch’s dream come true: goodbye to the 9-5, hello to a new and better life with no overtime and no commuting hassles.  

A Man With A Plan, Successfully Executed

Mitch has come a long way from coaching guys in-person during his lunch hour and putting in more time building his business on nights and weekends.

His biggest concern about branching out on his own was to make sure he could support his wife and two young children.

I have a contingency saved in case it all blows up in my face, enough for a few months to pay the bills if I need to hunt for a day job again,” says Mitch.

“But the leap of faith is a powerful motivator. I have no doubt my business is going to explode with full commitment behind it now, rather than dabbling in it in my spare time.”

Mitch Calvert with Joey Percia and Eric Bach at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

“The number one thing to do before quitting your day job is to make sure your side business should be fairly well tested,” says Mitch.

“You need to make sure it has consistent and reliable revenue before going ‘all in’ on it. This is especially true if you have a family to support.

“When I quit my day job, I had 20 clients. Now that I’m focused on my own coaching business, I’ve bumped it up to around 35 clients by consistently adding two clients each week.”

Mitch says he did everything Eric and Daniel taught him and it worked.

What Mitch Learned

Mitch says: “The five-month program taught all the fundamentals of establishing a business online. It’s not unlike how you must approach a diet or lifestyle change: consistent, daily habits and systems are key.”

One important lesson of the program deals with how new online coaches sometimes over-deliver and under-charge.

 “It wasn’t a drastic shift in what I charged,” says Mitch. “But I sold it more confidently after learning the sales systems Daniel and Eric teach.”

Today, Mitch is so confident in his rates he posts them on online.

“We offer a few different packages depending on what your needs are. Some people are looking for a bit of guidance and others either desire or need much more direction, support, and accountability from me. But there is a cost. I don’t work for free. Online training packages range from $99-480 per month.”

Mitch’s journey to physical fitness began 13 years ago when he was an unhappy 240-pound obese line cook.  

“I’ve had some EPIC failures in my own fat loss journey,” says Mitch. “Name a mistake and I’ve probably made it. I wasted time on workout programs that didn’t work, and I’ve wasted money on BS supplements.”

“But once I dropped 50 pounds and became fit, it gave me the confidence to pursue my goals and make a real impact. I have dedicated my life to helping guys with 50+ pounds to lose, shed the fat for good and get in the best shape of their lives.”

Mitch says Eric and Daniel’s program gave him the tools needed to reach more men who need his help to lose weight.

The Takeaway

“This program is for those who want to take back some of their time and make more money doing what they love, being an online fitness coach,” says Mitch.

“What makes it different from other courses is the accountability. Anyone can provide strategies and quick wins, but the weekly progression and direct access to both coaches (Eric and Daniel) is what makes this course more valuable than others out there.”  

Mitch’s journey to freedom began with a call to Eric.

So can yours.

Be like Mitch. Make your dreams come true.

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