Mission Accomplished: How Jen Kates Added $3,000 A Month In Revenue  - Bach Business Coaching
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Mission Accomplished: How Jen Kates Added $3,000 A Month In Revenue 

Jen Kates took the biggest gamble of her career when she quit her highly paid career in the biotech industry to chase her passion to be a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

It was a huge change and a huge risk. Right out of the gate, Jen was much happier but much poorer. Her income was cut by more than half. But only for a while.

With the help of Bach Business Coaching, Jen’s gamble paid off. She has doubled her number of clients to 49. Income is up $3,000 a month since she started the program and Jen says:

“I accomplished my financial mission just this past month by surpassing my income goals.”

“Even better, I can now turn around and reinvest that money into the business to improve processes and coaching overall to create an even better experience for my clients. This makes me incredibly excited for the future of my business and the impact I can make!”


The Wake-Up Call

Jen says she loved her old job, but it was slowly killing her with the workload expectations and travel. So, she quit in 2017.

“I was in my thirties and riddled with bouts of massive stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and sleepless nights. To me, the cost on my health was too great. So I wanted to shift from that career to pursue my purpose and passion to coach busy professionals and mountain bikers.

“Nothing beats the feeling of flying through trees on two wheels while smelling the pine surrounding you, with a smile painted on your face.”

 Through her passion for mountain biking, she noticed many of her fellow riders were struggling to finish the local rides and races.

 “The more I rode, the more I saw fellow mountain bikers who lacked strength and stamina to stay consistent in tough terrain or struggling on sustained climbs. I knew there was a way to help them by applying my knowledge on strength and conditioning, so it seemed like a natural progression to coach them.”

Jen has been interested in health, fitness, and nutrition since she was a kid. Her uncles were bodybuilders, powerlifters and marathon runners, and her father was a former gymnast and has stayed active all his life (he’s now in his 70s). So being physically fit was a normal and necessary part of her life.

 But her friends and family convinced her to pursue a “normal career” outside of the gym. So she completed her undergraduate studies and began a 12-year career in the medical research industry. At the same time, she dabbled in part-time fitness and nutrition coaching for busy professionals and mountain bikers.

 “In 2016 I started my own online coaching business in addition to my full-time career. Initially,” she says, “It was a side hustle, a reprieve from my corporate lifestyle.”

 In 2019, when it was time to hire a coach to help take her fitness and nutrition coaching business to the next level, she signed up with Bach Business Coaching because their curriculum matched what she was looking for to learn more about her business.

 “I choose Eric and Daniel because they were a good team and would hold me accountable, which is exactly what I needed in order to get to my goals,” Jen says.

“I considered other options, but honestly my gut told me to go with Eric and Daniel because they offered one on one coaching calls and guidance every step of the way.”

“Eric and Daniel work well together as a team. They highlight one another’s strengths, and I loved how experienced they both are in copywriting, marketing, and producing quality content, all things I wanted to learn more about.”

Here’s what Jen discovered.

“First, be crystal clear on your ideal client and who you can (and want to) help the most.”

Second, consistently produce quality content on social media using your own thoughts and words.”

Third, always show up for your clients no matter what, because continuing to offer a quality product with an ethical approach will win people over and produce results for them along the way.” 

 Jen says she spent about 5-8 hours a week on the course, with some weeks being a little more than that depending on her focus.

 What is the most important thing she learned from Eric?

“I’m actually pretty good at sales. I simply needed to get clear on my clients’ deepest goals and their ultimate ‘why.’  With Eric, I learned how to ask the right questions and to listen well.”

 What is the most important thing she learned from Daniel?

 “Words are everything. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, in as few words as possible that provide the most impact.”

The Takeaway

Jen says: “I think any coach who feels like they don’t know what their next step should be, should enroll in this course. The added guidance and clarity you get from Eric and Daniel makes it so worth it.”

“Stop struggling trying to decide what to do next and start making changes in the right direction by enrolling in this course.”

Jen’s journey began with a free consultation call.

So can yours.

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