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Matt Longfellow: $200,000 A Year Working 20 Hours A Week, With Time For Travel, Puppies, And Playing Guitar

At age 34, Matt Longfellow – a successful physical therapist and strength coach in Columbus, Ohio –  wanted more. And less.

He wanted MORE time for his girlfriend and his puppy.

He wanted MORE time for travel and playing the guitar.

And he wanted LESS time in the office treating physical therapy patients.

So Matt enrolled in Bach Business Coaching to learn how to charge higher fees, find more online strength clients, and transition physical therapy clients to fitness clients.

The reason is simple, says Matt. “I want more freedom. I don’t want to be stuck in an office for the rest of my career.”

“Right now, on average, I’m spending 25 to 30 hours a week in my office with clients”.

“Within the next year I’d like to get down to working 20-25 hours per week tops, so that I can have the freedom to travel with my girlfriend, play with my puppy, spend more time with my family and play the guitar.”

Matt didn’t start out to be a physical therapist and strength coach. He was a pre-med student who thought he wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon.

But he had two “AHA” moments that changed his journey.

The first was seeing a running back friend get sidelined by injuries and spend endless hours seeing doctors and therapists without a resolution.

The second was being told at age 23 that he could never lift again due to his own injuries. He remembers limping across his college campus in pain.

That’s when Matt realized he would rather focus on keeping people out of surgery and medical offices. He switched to sports PT.




Joining Bach Business Coaching was another “AHA” moment and game-changer for Matt’s business.

 “I learned skills that will help me make more money and free up more time for years to come,” says Matt. “I’m on track to generate $200,000 in 2022,  up from $160,000 in 2021.” 

 “I enjoyed the program. It’s what I needed for where I was when I came to you guys,” says Matt.

“I’ve done other coaching programs all of which pitched themselves as individualized coaching and programming… when really it was hop on a zoom call once a week. Everybody gets the same stuff.”

“What was different with you guys, was having the opportunity to talk with Eric or Daniel and get that individualized coaching and feedback. Anytime issues popped up, you guys were there for me” via direct message.

“That is the one thing that sets Bach Business Coaching apart from all the other programs in the past.”

Matt says he gained the confidence he needed to reach out to potential clients online or to make phone calls.

“I’m starting to have better conversations with potential clients,” says Matt. “I’m having a lot more success and having more conversations. These are all new clients from Instagram and DMs that I’m talking to.”

Matt says the takeaway is…

“The program is well worth the investment if you put in the work. You’ll gain skills to market yourself to your ideal clients, help more people, and make more money for years to come.”

“Best of all is doing all this while having more free time to do the things you love.”

“No more being a slave to your business!”

You can achieve the same freedom and success Matt has. It all begins with a coaching call with our Program Director, Kameron Bryant.

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