How Mack Klink Ended His Roller Coaster Ride, Took Control,  And Won His Freedom - Bach Business Coaching
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How Mack Klink Ended His Roller Coaster Ride, Took Control,  And Won His Freedom

Mack Klink knows all about how success in business is like success in the gym.

All the clichés apply, because they’re all true. Perseverance is the key. Never give up. Keep plugging away. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

And finding the right coaches to light the way will help you on your journey.  It wasn’t easy for Mack.The 30-year-old Director of Fitness at a Seattle gym had to overcome a history of depression, injuries, alcohol abuse, and a bad breakup before living his dream.

“I went from the ‘popular’ kid in school to someone who’d rather stay at home, sitting on the couch watching TV,” says Mack.

“I was diagnosed with Unipolar Depression, meaning I suffered from depression and irregular episodes of mania. I couldn’t find the motivation to do much of anything.”

He felt numb, worthless, and full of doubt.

As a freshman in high school, Mack was introduced to weight training and he was immediately hooked. It changed his life for the better…until his sophomore year of football when he took up snowboarding, crashed, and injured both knees.

Hard work in rehab wasn’t enough. Mack’s football days were over.

Ups and Downs Follow

University was next. Mack turned to what he calls “an odd combination: alcohol and endurance running.”

“Lucky for me, the University of Montana was a haven for endurance runners — and amazing craft beers. I could escape the stresses of school, life, and my illness on the open plains or in the rugged mountainous wilderness.”

Some success followed. After two unpaid strength and conditioning internships, Mack returned home to begin training elite level high school, college, and professional athletes at a Seattle gym.

Though he wasn’t making much money, it was quite a turnaround from his history of depression and “the worst day of my life” when his girlfriend ditched him just weeks before they were scheduled to move in together.

She told Mack: “I’m not going to settle for you. And besides you’re too dumb.” Mack says he cried “like a heartbroken teenager.”

“And no wonder. I was about to turn 27, and ended up living back at home with my parents again after many ups and downs in life.”

Mack eventually became Director of Fitness at the gym he worked for. He added programs for high school, college, and pro athletes. But as his 30th birthday approached, he started asking a common question for fitness professionals.

How much longer do I want to work six days a week for someone else without the financial rewards I deserve?

Mack wanted more freedom and the independence of building something of his own. But he knew he needed help.

Taking The Next Step

Mack had gotten to know Eric Bach from reading his many online posts back when he was an intern.

Mack’s faith in Eric convinced him to choose Eric’s Fitpro Coaching Program instead of others.

Mack says:“online training gives me the freedom from the standard personal trainer lifestyle. There are other courses out there but because I’ve been reading Eric’s stuff for years, I decided to go with him. He seemed like a genuine and humble coach.” 

Mack calls Eric and Daniel “excellent mentors” who were always available to help guide him. They talked two or three times a week for five months.

Mack says the program was a great investment because it puts “everything in place to rock the shit out of this”.

Mack is adding online clients and is on track to boost his income by more than $15,000 a year while working fewer hours.

Mack feels his long roller coaster ride is over at last. At age 30, he describes himself as “extremely optimistic for the future” thanks to  FitPro Coaching.  He says:

“If you want to build a successful foundation for building your online business and long-term success, then you should join the FitPro Coaching Program with Eric and Daniel.”

Mack’s journey began with a call to Eric.

And so can yours.

Apply here.

P.S. When shown a draft of this article Mack asked us to include this quote:

“Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work.  I live by that. You grind hard so you can play hard. At the end of the day, you put all the work in and eventually it’ll pay off.  It could be in a year. It could be 30 years. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.”
– Kevin Hart