How Kyle Kranz Built A Six-Figure Business During The Time of Coronavirus - Bach Business Coaching
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How Kyle Kranz Built A Six-Figure Business During The Time of Coronavirus

At a time when all too many trainers are sick with worry and paralysed by indecision about what to do, some are actually seizing the day and making their dreams come true.

They have turned the worst of times into the best of times. They are making more money and winning more freedom.

Kyle Kranz is one of them.

He says: “My monthly revenue is now $8,300. That’s $99,960 a year!” Kyle says that is “very close” to his longtime goal of joining the 100k a year club.


But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Kyle. Like most businesses, it didn’t take long for the Coronavirus pandemic to impact his online coaching business.

Within a couple of weeks, I was down about $1,000 on my monthly income,” says the 32-year-old Rapid City, South Dakota online running coach. He lost five clients when the quarantines began.

But it could have been a lot worse for Kyle, whose niche is vegan or plant-based runners. The clients he lost were paying low fees. He’s now replaced them with more capable  clients paying higher fees.

It all started when Kyle saw an announcement in the Hybrid Fit Biz Facebook Group.

“I gained so much helpful little tidbits in the past from Eric and Daniel that I was absolutely certain their new program would take my coaching business to the next level. I jumped on the opportunity.” 

It didn’t take long for success to follow.

“During the first half of the course timeframe I spent a couple hours each day with texting and DMing followers,” says Kyle. “I practiced sales calls with fellow students and even my wife!”

“Within three weeks I had already gained three new clients. With some push and advice from Eric and Daniel I also finally hired a virtual assistant. Setting everything up with her took some time, but has absolutely been worth it.”

The first thing Kyle learned was how to close the deal with a client on the telephone. Turns out, Kyle had been doing it all wrong.

Show Me The Money

Kyle says “Daniel gave me this tip:

‘You have to collect payment ASAP right on the phone instead of emailing the person the PayPal link AFTER you get off the phone.’

“It works,” says Kyle. “I took the client through the sales script I developed from Eric’s advice and examples, sent him the PayPal link while on the phone with him. He paid for three months right there.”

That tip and other lessons learned during the course contributed to improving Kyle’s bottom line. 

“I’ve had 12 new clients sign up with me or renew from past coaching since graduating.”

“Some of them I’ve been nurturing relationships with for months and some were people I had no idea existed three months ago.”

The common thread: Kyle used techniques he learned from Eric and Daniel to close deals with both kinds of clients.

A long-time vegan, Kyle grew up on a dairy farm and got a degree in nutrition. He says his vegan lifestyle helps him connect with plant-based runners.

“I understand the struggles of being a vegan and a runner. I use my experiences as discussion points with other plant-based eaters and runners.”    

Kyle says the program was just what he needed to advance his coaching career. “Finally having the sales scripts to personalize and practice has me going into these sales calls with more confidence than ever before.”

 The Takeaway

Kyle says the course brought everything together for him.

“A lot of it was reminders of good practices that I was at least somewhat aware of and had somehow put into practice at least for a period of time.”

I was able to implement practices that have given me guidance and structure to save me time with my content strategy”.

“And finally having the sales scripts to personalize and practice has me going into these sales calls with more confidence than ever before.”

Kyle recommends the course to others because “this information would all be fairly new and fresh for them and it would simply kick-start their business success.