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How Jon Vlahogiannakos Overcame “Phone Phobia” to add 20 Clients and $18,000 in Revenue

When Jon Vlahogiannakos enrolled in The Impact Fitpro Coaching Program, he was the first to admit he had this phone phobia thing that made it difficult for him to reach out to clients on the telephone.

So Eric and Daniel put Jon through the paces of two mock sales calls. It was a game changer!   

“Before the mock sales calls, I felt kind of lost,” says the 29-year-old Toronto trainer. “I never would have predicted closing five sales calls in the week leading up to Black Friday and another 15 before completing the course, bringing my total to 20 new clients.”

“Without our practice sales calls I wouldn’t have had the confidence to make those calls and close as many as I did,” says Jon. “After those practice calls, I felt invincible the next day. I knew exactly how to do this.”

Jon says the mock sales calls taught him how to talk to potential clients.

Why Sales Isn’t Sleazy

Jon says: “I learned, it’s not really selling to people. It’s more just how to talk to people. How to get them to tell me what they want to accomplish. Having that conversation with those people led to just finishing the sales and having them just jump onboard instead of still contemplating at the end of our conversation.”

“All you have to do is talk to them and show them why what you’re offering is perfect for them,” Jon says.

“It really comes down to something that simple. The clarity and the confidence in the conversation help position you as the service provider that they want to be with. They want to commit to what you are offering.”

Mastering Instagram

Jon says Eric also taught him the importance of growing followers on Instagram to generate leads by engaging them with information they can use.

“Eric linked me to a T-Nation post where people were commenting their biggest struggles in their fitness journey. BINGO! I would reply to those I could help with a quick comment or two and doing that alone drove my follower count up by 70 in two days!”

“When you come across as a genuinely helpful person who is not trying to sell them anything at first contact, provide value, repeat, and watch your Instagram count rise.”

I provided mass amounts of value without asking for anything in return to complete strangers. Being quick to respond to comments is huge,” says Jon.

By the time Jon was completing the program, his Instagram followers increased from 1,700 to 1,920 followers.

“The other important thing to remember is to provide value constantly and stay in contact with everyone who reaches out for coaching. I’ve had people months after their initial consult, message me and sign up for coaching.”

When Jon signed up for the program his goal was to increase his client base from 28 to 50 by the end of the year. With 20 new clients signed before completing the program, Jon is on track to reach his goal.

Jon says he followed Eric Bach for a while on Instagram. “Seeing other testimonials and tips he constantly put out drove me back. I felt like he could bring me where I want to be with my business.”

The Impact Fitpro Coaching Program was a great investment,” says Jon. “I’ve made about $18,000 since starting with Eric and Daniel. I now know how to properly launch a program/special. I know how to close on the phone. I know how to keep in contact with leads and make even more for myself and my family down the road.”

“In terms of revenue, I want to hit $8000 a month.”

“The financial freedom will take a huge stress off my wife and my debts. We can aim to take a vacation or two. We’re also looking to get our own place in the next three years, so scaling my business is the main priority.”

The Takeaway

“Anyone looking to grow their fitness business should definitely sign up with Eric and Daniel. They are super hands-on and each coaching call was a boost into the next level up!”

“The Hybrid Fitness Business coaching program is the only program for those looking to scale their fitness business whether you’re just starting or trying to reach the next level.”

Jon’s journey to financial freedom began with a call to Eric.

And so can yours.

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