How Johnnie Perry Went From "You're Fired!" To Increasing His Income 58% While Working Less - Bach Business Coaching
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How Johnnie Perry Went From “You’re Fired!” To Increasing His Income 58% While Working Less

Atlanta fitness and nutrition coach Johnnie Perry Jr. was planning to tell his boss at a local gym to “take this job and shove it” when the owner beat him to the punch by saying: “You’re fired!”

Amazingly, it turned out to be no big deal because Johnnie had been on the verge of quitting anyway. And he already had a plan in place because he was already a Bach Business Coaching client. 

The 35-year-old trainer with an MBA had transitioned from the corporate world. But he was unhappy. What he once thought of as a “dream job” at the gym had morphed into a nightmare of broken promises and shattered illusions.

At issue was the revenue split. It’s an all-too-familiar story for many trainers. The gym was keeping 60% of revenue from most clients Johnnie trained. 

The days were long. The raises he expected never materialized. So Johnnie enrolled in the Bach Business Coaching Program, looking for a way out.  He found it. Johnnie says the cost of the program was worth it.

I was nervous about making the investment, but I had to do it. If not for the course, I’d be stuck in the same place with no future,” says Johnnie.

Implementing Plan B

Eric and Daniel provided Johnnie with a Plan B to make a change that resulted in him increasing his revenue by 58% and working fewer hours.

“I knew I needed to make a change,” says Johnnie. “I reached out to a new gym to discuss the prospect of paying rent. The next day, Daniel coached me through the details of how to navigate paying rent, incorporate the hybrid fitness model, and how to exit the old gym.” 

These days Johnnie drives around town listening to Elton John’s song I’m Still Standing blaring on his car radio. 

The week after I was fired, I signed up three new clients. Now I have 12 clients at the gym and nine online generating an average of $6,300 a month in revenue compared to $4,000 a month at the old gym. I now train 14 hours a week instead of 40+ hours.  My goal is to generate $8,000 a month in revenue.”

Long-term, Johnnie wants to be completely online with a company that offers high ticket coaching for busy men earning 100K or more a year and need to lose fat or build muscle, while improving performance professionally and spending more time with their families.

 “Besides the birth of my son and my wedding day, getting fired was the best thing to ever happen to me,” says Johnnie.

“By using the lessons and adhering to Eric and Daniel’s coaching program, income hasn’t been an issue. The more important aspect is that I now have the potential for future growth and more freedom.” 

“Eric Bach and Daniel Freedman customized my entire program. I learned more in the five months of their program than I did in my four years of undergrad receiving my Finance and Marketing Degree.” 

“Eric and Daniel were instrumental in transforming my business overnight. I firmly believe that their sales call scripts are the primary factor in getting new clients to sign up with me.”

Johnnie says the Program taught him the importance of determining his ideal client and how to nail the messaging with each piece of content on Facebook, Instagram and eMail. 

Johnnie is also making a name for himself as a a blogger and fitness writer focussed on his ideal clients, thanks to the writing coaching he received.


Lessons Learned

 What are the top three things the course taught Johnnie?

  1.   Know everything about your ideal client and how you can relate to them;
  2.   Consistently create value so that your ideal client knows they can always count on you for help;
  3.   Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.

“If you’re sick of training 40+ hours a week and want a future you can control, take this course. You’ll get the freedom you’ve always wanted. Now, my wife and I have a newborn. Using the Hybrid Fitness Model, I’m able to spend more time growing my coaching business and spend quality time with my family.”

What is the most important thing Johnnie learned?

“Your content must match your client avatar. You shouldn’t present information the same way for young bro’s in their 20s as you would for older executives in their 40’s.  Daniel helped me create a style and voice that I feel comfortable presenting to my audience.”

“I have one piece on Bach Performance and an upcoming article on Breaking Muscle. I couldn’t be more excited.” 

The Takeaway

Johnnie says:

“If you’re sick of spending your time making money for a gym, Eric and Daniel’s customized coaching will allow you to get your freedom back.”

“If you’re on the fence on determining who should be your fitness coaching mentors, don’t be! Pick Eric and Daniel. I promise you won’t regret it.”

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