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Jill Polifka: 26 New Online Clients, More Freedom, And Home From The Gym By Noon

“The numbers are amazing and I am thrilled,” says Jill Polifka of her five months in the Bach Business Coaching program.

Jill exceeded her goal of adding 20 new online clients by adding 26.

But the extra income, on track to a 72k annual income working many fewer hours, is just the start of Jill’s success.

The real story is more freedom and a better life for Jill’s whole family.

I’m not running back and forth to the gym, which is nice. I’ve consolidated all my gym hours to be four hours in the morning and that’s it!”

“I now have that flexibility to be home with my children in the afternoon to take them to the pool or the park and doing all the fun summer stuff that they enjoy.”

And there’s more good news.

Jill’s husband is also a trainer at the same gym as Jill. Thanks to the increased family income, he’s also been able to cut back on his hours at the gym and focus on HIS passion: coaching high school football.

Jill’s niche is coaching crazy busy Moms just like her. Even though she was a trainer and former athlete herself, it was hard to balance everything. Jill’s own fitness was going downhill.

Jill’s AHA moment came when she finally began making time for herself and her own health and fitness. It was workouts in her garage gym at 4 AM … which seemed crazy to others, but not her. It was a game-changer.

Jill’s message to clients is: there’s always a way and I can help you find it. Here is one Instagram post:

My clients want to get back to where they were before the kids came along,” says Jill.

“The problem is they are so busy looking after everyone else that they forget to look after themselves.  I help moms over 30 regain confidence in their bodies without taking time away from their families.”

 Here is another Instagram post: 

 “You don’t have to give up feeling good about yourself because you are a mom!

 “Hey!  I am Jill Polifka.  I am a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and health coach.  I am the mom of two great kids who were born a year and two weeks apart.  So, I basically spent all of 2014 and 2015 pregnant or breastfeeding. 

“I gained A LOT of weight.  Between working full time, and all things baby I finally realized I needed to make some changes.  I had totally lost myself to Mom Life.  I did not feel good in my own skin.

 “I felt like I was constantly going up on clothes sizes every year, and I was over it. I’m a lot like you. I was lost, but I found myself through fitness. I did it and so can you.”

The Instagram post worked.

“I’m so excited to be coaching 26 mothers in their mid 30’s online who are having a hard time losing the weight they gained while pregnant. Learning how to create content and getting through to clients was one of the biggest benefits I got out of this program,” says Jill.

“Eric and Daniel were there every step of the way, answering all my questions that I had. They were amazing.”

 While Jill was signing up clients, Daniel told her it was time to increase monthly rates to generate more revenue.

Daniel convinced me to up my monthly rate from $200 to $300 a month for a three-month contract… starting with the last six clients I signed up.  

 Jill says there were a lot of challenges raising two young kids and completing assignments on time or being available for the bonus group coaching calls offered on top of the individual coaching calls.  

When Eric suggested she listen to the recordings of the training sessions, Jill says everything started to fall in place.

“It wasn’t as overwhelming any more. I listened to recordings of these training sessions to reiterate what I should be doing in training and what I should be doing on social media.I got what I was looking for out of the program.”

“I cannot wait to continue growing my business using all the skills I learned from Bach Business Coaching.

And here’s more from Jill. Click below to play a one minute video.

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