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How To Overcome The Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

When I started Bachperformance.com, I was completely terrified to hit publish.

I was scared of every email. Every video.

So I did nothing except collect information and hope the “next tip” would be the breakthrough that would transform my business.

The truth is, tips, tricks, and tactics aren’t worth a dayum unless you put action behind your intention.

The fear will always be there. But it will become manageable.

This is an internal transformation you MUST make if you’re going to build a successful online business.

The amount of value you put into the world will correlate with the money coming into your bank account. `

Are You Being Judged?

Maybe, but I doubt it. Much like you’re worried about how you feel, others are doing the same. And if they do judge? F’em. Who cares? They aren’t for you or your business anyway.

Be better. Step into fear and take action. The reason you “fear” hitting post or making the leap is the reason you need to do so.

Facing down fear leads to the growth you need to both grow your business and inspire action from your clients.

Face the fear.

The fitness industry needs leaders. Your clients need leaders.

Will you step up to the plate?

If so, let me know what you’re struggling with by replying to this email. There’s a good chance I’ve been in your shoes. I’ll help you conquer it.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to others is natural. We’re social creatures and thrive in communities which breed comparison.

But when it comes to building your fitness business, comparing yourself to others is a dangerous game, much like it is for your fitness clients to compare their bodies to that of a competitive bodybuilder.

Why is this a problem?

Most times we compare ourselves to others when we’re at our worst. We scan Instagram and only see someone else’s best.

They show the latest progress picture or the latest big purchase they made with their business.

But here’s the problem. You’re only seeing the people who are running the race.
You’re not seeing those who started, then quit.

And you’re sure as hell NOT seeing the daily struggles or the work that goes into building a business or a better body.

This sums it up:
Overcome fear

My challenge to you?

Ask yourself…Are you taking the steps DAILY to achieve your goals, or are you getting bogged down on what everyone else is doing…or pretending to do?

Run your own race. Focus on the process.

Whatever the case, remember this:

Your daily habits and actions WILL lead you to success. Own the journey.

Instead of looking how far you need to go, reflect back to the progress you’ve already made.

Take five minutes and write three things you’re grateful for.

And remember, we’re all going through the same thing with fitness and business.

Run your race and own the process. And if you need a hand?

Fill out a short application for your fitness business audit. We’ll dig in and determine your biggest roadblocks, outline your path to success, and if we’re a match for the program, unlock the vault and give you everything you need to transform your business.

Click here to fill out your application 



“Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.”
– Marquis de Condorcet