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How to Be More Productive: Two Tips to Daily Domination

Productivity is the special sauce that helps high performers stand out from the rest. We all have the same 24 hours every day.

But somehow, someway, some people operate on a different playing field.

They accomplish more than others with their time.

As a trainer, you can relate. You know you need to double down on building your online business in the new Covid-19 world.

But you still can’t get done what NEEDS to get done. 

Well, I’ve been in your shoes. At one point, I was guzzling six coffees per day and waking up at 4:00 am to write before hitting the gym. Luckily, you don’t have to drown your adrenals in caffeine like I did. Instead, swipe two of my favorite productivity tips below.

Use Timers and Alarms

Timers and alarms create deadlines and a sense of urgency. It’s a bit like being back in school when you realized you had a paper due in the morning. The sense of urgency forces you to take massive action in the time you have.

My colleague, Daniel Freedman, used to be a TV news executive. He used a ballsy variation of the same technique. He would broadcast commercials for stories that HAD NOT YET BEEN COMPLETED. This forced everyone to get things done.

Silicon Valley start tech startups are notorious for scheduling news conferences to announce products that have not yet been developed. Again, this forces everyone to make decisions and get the job done.

Bottom line:
You can always course correct later. The most important thing now is:
Get. Shit. Done.

With all the distractions abound today, you need the same urgency to get more done in less time.

I recommend:
E.GG timer to set specific timers, like 20 minutes to write an email.

Self Control. This app blocks you from visiting distracting websites when your timer is going. Take that, Facebook and bleacher report.

Batch Tasks

Multi-tasking is simply doing many things poorly at the same time. To get your best work done on high-value projects, do one thing at a time and prioritize.

Here are some tips on how to be more productive:
Step One: Distinguish between creative and reactive tasks. Creative tasks include writing emails, articles, social media posts, and sales materials. Reactive tasks include: answering emails, answering texts, commenting on social media and getting lost in those hyper-addictive Instagram stories.

Step Two: Pick one creative task to do each day, like writing emails.

Step Three:  Set a time to do your creative task. Ideally, first thing in the morning. We both know how easy it is to throw in the towel after 12 hours on the gym floor.

Step Four: Set a time to do all your reactive tasks, ideally at the end of your day.

Batching is the key to getting more high-value tasks done in less time. The bigger the time block and more focus you can maintain, the more productive you’ll be.

And the more productive you can be, the closer you’ll get to building your dream business.

But being productive isn’t the whole picture. You need to have a blueprint and focus your precious time on the right things to grow your online business from a coach who’s been in the trenches at the gym and knows how to successfully build an online business.

If you’re tired of trading dollars for hours and want to build an online business for more freedom in your schedule, and yes, dollars in your wallet, then let’s chat.

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