How Eric Chang Signed Up $1,000-A-Month Clients to Make  $42,000 - Bach Business Coaching
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How Eric Chang Signed Up $1,000-A-Month Clients to Make  $42,000

Eric Chang harnessed the power of Bach Business Coaching’s Perfect Client Packaging to put $42,000 in his pocket in just over three months.

Eric learned EXACTLY how to target the executives and professionals who are his ideal clients.

“My first two online clients each prepaid $10,000,” says Eric, the owner of a CrossFit affiliate in Los Angeles.

“Then I signed up a few more clients for  $1,000 a month for six months.  And I have about seven others paying in the $600 to $800 a month range.”

That’s a far cry from the $150 to $300 a month many online trainers charge.

Eric enrolled in Bach Business Coaching to help build up his new online coaching business after being referred by a graduate of the program who had made over $37,000. 

Eric’s success came during the pandemic crisis that forced his gym to shut down twice. And Eric knows 10 other gym owners who were forced out of business entirely because of the pandemic.

The big breakthrough for Eric was learning to put himself out there and ask for business.

“The most important thing I learned from Eric Bach is his swagger. Eric’s swagger is definitely something that was passed on to me. I’m basically an introvert. But he passed his confidence on to me and I’m able to sell the way he does.”

One breakthrough was the Instagram post below. Because Eric had built up his Instagram audience, the post brought 40 replies and 10 clients.

Read the whole thing by clicking here.

Bach Business Coaching clients receive 34 coaching calls in five months, plus access to a learning portal with 96 modules, including one on marketing to affluent clients.

“I really soaked up the modules,” says Eric. “The modules are highly valuable.”

Bach Business Coaching clients also get detailed critiques from Eric Bach and Daniel Freedman on their sales copy, emails, and social media posts.

Eric Chang says: “Just their notes and seeing what Eric Bach was doing and trying to emulate it in my own market was really helpful.”

Eric Chang calls Daniel Freedman “a legendary writer” who “taught me getting my thoughts onto paper and texts is the most important thing to generate interest in my business.”

Today, Eric is at the top of his game at age 33, with a four-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son.

But he is haunted by his past.

 “One of my biggest fears growing up was that a pattern of family abuse would repeat itself and I’d end up being  a shitty father.”

“In high school, basketball was my escape from all the abuse. I was a good player. All my coaches, everybody around me, expected me to play varsity as a freshman. But it didn’t happen because I was uncoachable. I had such a bad attitude. I was a mouthy kid. I would cuss on my coaches.”

“It formed my masculine identity. I needed to be strong. I needed to become a protector. Part of the reason why I am the way I am, like the muscle guy, the fitness guy, is because I wanted to protect my mother and younger brother from my dad.”

 Eric eventually became a student athletic trainer in university. He studied Kinesiology and enrolled in health promotion, nutrition, and exercise science. And he joined CrossFit.  Majoring in fitness became a vehicle for him to experience freedom from aggression. It helped him come to terms with who he was as a person.

That freedom is why he began calling himself Coach Eric Freedom.

 “The word FREEDOM represents a lot of what I’ve been through not only in life but in my business,” says Eric.  “With my relationship with my father, I was fearful that I would be a crappy father like him to my children. But I’ve grown a lot and evolved where I know now that I am able to provide for my family.”

 Those life experiences combined with time spent at Bach Business Coaching, made him a great listener to potential clients who connect with him one-on-one.

And that’s why he’s been so successful in signing up online clients.

“I just try my best to listen to a potential client and ask questions about what they really want,” says Eric. “I think the confidence and my ability to believe that they can change is what helps them to believe in themselves.”

“And that belief is really, really powerful.”

The Takeaway

 Bach Business Coaching is for everybody who wants to be an online coach,” says Eric Chang. “They should take this course. It is a great place to start. Eric and Daniel definitely help in the non-science and non-coaching side of the business.”

Eric’s success story began with a free coaching call.

So can yours.

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