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How Alex Andujar Mastered Habits and Systems To Add 1,600 Instagram Followers And Launch His Online Fitness Business

This is the story of how Alex Andujar, a beer salesman with a beer belly weighing in at 204 pounds with 24 percent body fat, became a lean athlete-turned-online-personal-trainer.  

“It was pretty hard to escape alcohol considering my job was to sell it,” says the 30-year-old online trainer. He was in and out of restaurants and bars all day and most nights and “partook of samples.”

Alex quit his day job as a beer salesman in Washington, DC and moved to Kansas City, MO to change his lifestyle and lose 70 pounds with the help of a nutrition coach and strength training.
Once Alex was in the best shape of his life he decided to help others make the same transformation. His next step was to sign up for the five-month Fitpro Coaching Program to learn the ropes on becoming a successful online coach to help men do the same.

Taking The First Step: Choosing The Right Course

“I chose this program based on the recommendation of my nutrition coach,” says Alex.  “After looking into several courses, this seemed to be the one that fit best for me. There are a lot of courses/programs that are either large generalizations of how to run an online business or ones that are very specific like how to get more clients via Facebook Ads.”

“This program meets you where you are and customizes it to your goals and needs.”

“I can now build an email list via my opt-in landing page and lead magnet. I create and put out daily content within the social media frameworks that have been set up. More than anything it gave me visibility on the internet that I never had. I went from zero followers on Instagram to 1,600 followers.”

“Now I have people who know my face, trust my knowledge, and engage with me on a daily basis.”

Taking The Next Step  

Alex says: “My big goal for 2019 is to add a fitness component to my coaching program. Right now, it’s nutrition only, but I think adding the fitness programming will be huge.

“One stop shopping for most people at a much more affordable price than typical personal training, where you don’t even get any sort of nutrition coaching.”

Alex also wants to leave his day job in Kansas to concentrate full time in 2019 on his fledgling online fitness/nutrition coaching business.

“I don’t feel fulfilled in my current day job,” says Alex. “Working full time as a coach will allow me to lead a rewarding life by helping to transform the lives of others. To me, there’s nothing better than that”

“Online coaching, specifically, gives me the freedom to work with people all over the country and even around the world, from wherever I want.” No more begging the boss for time off. 

The Power Of Habit And The Secret Ingredient In Building A Business

Alex says coaches Eric Bach and Daniel Freedman taught him important aspects of running an online coaching business.

Eric says it is important to focus on the small, daily habits that will push my business further even if it’s the smallest push forward. Progress is progress no matter how small.”

“Daniel emphasized the more technical side of the business such as the importance of writing and editing.”

“I learned a lot from Daniel about the writing in terms of re-wording, re-structuring, and making sure I’m focusing on the avatar’s pain points and benefits of coaching.”

“Writing is such a huge piece of the business that not many are great at so this was an eye-opener for me that I am constantly working on.”

The Takeaway

Alex believes the program is a must for anybody looking to grow their online business.

“Whether you’re a beginner that’s new to the industry or a vet that isn’t sure how to set up an online business, this program is guaranteed to help you,” says Alex.

“There’s a lot of ways to go about things in the online fitness world and a lot of people are telling you what the “best” method is. It can be confusing and overwhelming.”

“Eric and Daniel help cut through that noise, teach you the necessary fundamentals and pillars of how to run a successful business, and do it an organic way that isn’t all about the latest and greatest Instagram algorithm.”

You learn the necessary habits and practices needed to ensure you’ll have a successful business that will last for years to come.”

Alex’s journey began with a call to Eric.

And so can yours.

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