How Garrett Serd Recovered From Adversity To Find His Calling - Bach Business Coaching
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How Garrett Serd Recovered From Adversity To Find His Calling

Garrett Serd has been chasing his dream to help people lose weight since 2012.  But it wasn’t until the 30-year-old Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer joined The Bach Business Coaching Program in late 2018 before things started falling into place.

“It has been a rough ride,”  says Garrett. “I started Tandem Nutrition LLC in 2012.  Dissolved it and brought it back in 2015. I turned down the opportunity to work with Eric and Daniel in December of 2017 because I was scared to make a small investment in myself and in my company.

“A year later I knew I needed help.  A lot of help.”

“I finally hired Eric and Daniel in 2018 and in just three weeks of working with them, I’ve made MORE financial progress per client and overall income and learned much more about my ideal client and how to target them through each social media platform than I could ever imagine.”

“I’m more excited about my business now than I have ever been before and what I love most about working with Eric and Daniel is that they genuinely and wholeheartedly care.

Garrett found out just how much Eric and Daniel cared a few weeks into the program when he lost his major client, a company that referred clients to him and was responsible for half his income.

“The second I told Daniel, he told me about strategies to get cash quick by making it a priority to reach out to those on social media. It was all about  starting conversations, developing relationships, finding ways to add value and ask to set up a call to hopefully make a sale, when appropriate,” says Garrett.

“He taught me how to bring more awareness to my brand and to each of my social media platforms by posting three times a day, introducing live power hours twice a week on social media to not only add value but to also drive traffic and interest to each of my sites.”

And the strategy worked.

“I’ve had more prospects than ever before,” says Garrett.  “In addition to that, I’ve had more DM’s from prospects inquiring about my services and I added 600 more followers to my Instagram account.”

Garrett’s Journey And Mission

Garrett is no stranger to setbacks and adversity. He overcame anorexia as a teenager. The one constant has always been his faith.

“I honestly believe that God puts struggles in our lives to fulfill the will He has for us,” says Garrett.  “The struggles allowed me to develop into the person God wanted me to be. Throughout our struggles comes our strength.”

“My mission is to help busy professionals across America lose fat for good and help physique athletes get absolutely shredded with customized online personal training.”

Joining Garrett’s team is Matt Warner, a former athlete who helps physique athletes get prepared for competitions while still allowing them to eat foods they love and Jason Barnes, a former fat kid who changed his obsession with food and drugs into a passion for fitness and nutrition.

“The goal for 2019 is to hit $150,000 a year with the coaches I hired,” says Garrett. “To have 50 higher ticket clients each paying at least $200 per month. We hope to impact the nation with our program, our presentations and the value we offer.”

Garrett says any nutrition or hybrid fitness business owner who wants to take their business to the next level should enroll in The IMPACT Fitpro Coaching Program.

“I feel like I’ll have the potential to run with the big dogs in our industry after I complete this course with Eric and Daniel,” says Garrett.  “They know exactly what to do and how to do it to take any nutrition /or hybrid business to the next level.

“What I really like about this course is that Eric and Daniel are both experts in two different areas that complement each other so very well together.  Daniel’s editing skills are absolutely amazing. And Eric is the man when it comes to knowing how to identify your ideal client and learning how to target specifically to them to get the most leads!”

The Takeaway

“I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to grow my business under Eric and Daniel and it’s only been three weeks. THREE weeks. “

“They are true game-changers in this field and I can’t wait to see how the remaining four months we have together unfolds!”

Garrett began with a call to Eric.

And so can you.

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