How Erwin Regidor Added $34,770 in Revenue and 22 New Clients During The Global Pandemic - Bach Business Coaching
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How Erwin Regidor Added $34,770 in Revenue and 22 New Clients During The Global Pandemic

While others struggled, Erwin Regidor thrived.

He signed up 22 new clients and put $34,770 in the bank during his five months in The Bach Business Coaching mentorship.

His investment of $4,500 yielded a 773% ROI (Return On Investment.)

Amazingly, it all happened in 2020 from Shanghai, just 430 miles north of Wuhan, ground zero of the pandemic. One Instagram post alone resulted in nearly $10,000 in revenue within a few days.

“Eric and Daniel influenced me to write an Instagram post about how my life hasn’t always gone according to plan,” says the American expat who moved to Shanghai in 2013 to manage the city’s first CrossFit gym.

Erwin says: “One thing really stood out to me over the mentorship. It was about showing others that I’m just like them. I’ve been in their shoes and that I have the ability to help them.”

Erwin’s killer IG post, which you can read  in full by clicking here, was all about transformation. Erwin bared his soul and exposed his vulnerability.

 “A year before I got married, I was in a tough place. I loved training hard, but I also fell into the busy Shanghai work and party life. That led me to being fat and honestly burned out on training. It wasn’t fun for me anymore. Here I was telling other people how to get fit and healthy while I was sleeping 4-5 hours a night, ordering McDonald’s multiple times a week, drinking way too much. Reality hit. I was broken down and tired, looked like shit, and felt like a hypocrite.”

Erwin did what everyone should do in this situation: he hired a coach, even though he was a trainer himself.

Erwin wrote:

“I needed accountability. I knew I wanted to be there for my clients and soon-to-be-wife.” He got more sleep and learned to manage his stress.

Erwin’s Instagram post ended this way:

“If you’re struggling like I was, I want to be to you what Yoda was to Luke Skywalker. I want to be your guide. If you want to talk more about your current fitness struggles, DM me.

Erwin’s DMs immediately exploded up and the rest is history.

When it came time to take his already successful business to the next level, Erwin did the same thing he’d done when he needed help with his own fitness: he hired a coach. 

Erwin is a coach who believes in coaching. And that’s what you should be, too. It’s a matter of practicing what you preach. 

 “I read Eric’s sales page and that thing just spoke to me,” he says. “I then went on to stalk his Instagram and all his content aligned with my coaching principles and philosophy.” 

“The most important thing I learned from Eric is to be human. Just like coaches tell their clients they have to be consistent to get results, the same goes for running an online business.”

“You have to practice sales, practice being in front of the camera, and practice writing. There’s always a story out there for you to relate to fitness and how you can speak to your audience.”

“I hated writing and I never saw myself as a writer. But I learned that when you understand who you’re writing to, you just hit it.”

Who Should Enroll In Bach Business Coaching?

Erwin says: Any coach/personal trainer who is working in-person only or is thinking about going online or hybrid NEEDS to take this course.”

“Eric and Daniel provide you the framework, and they hold you accountable to what you need to do to succeed.“

“They also genuinely care about your growth and success.”

“This mentorship provides coaches with the confidence to use social media and to harness it as an asset to create the income they want.  

Stop thinking about it and take action. You won’t regret it.”

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