How Davide Alfonsi Added $40,000 In Revenue Working 20 Hours A Week - Bach Business Coaching
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How Davide Alfonsi Added $40,000 In Revenue Working 20 Hours A Week

For Davide Alfonsi, it’s a dream come true: the freedom to live life on his own terms in a new life in a new country with his wife and their new baby.

Soon to come: a new house.

Davide accomplished all this during the height of the pandemic, when he moved from London, England to Wroclaw, Poland.

Davide promptly generated over $40,000 in revenue using techniques he learned in Bach Business Coaching.

After paying moving, business, and living expenses, Davide was able to put $30,000 in the bank in five months. And Davide has achieved all this working just 20 hours a week. He has the time he needs for his wife and their new baby…and to be the best possible Dad and husband.

$30,000 goes a long way in Poland, and Davide knows exactly what he’s going to do with the money. He’s going to use it as a down payment for “a big Goddamn house and a full time babysitter/butler.”

No one ever accused Davide of having a small personality or having led a boring life.

From Sex And Drugs And Near Death To Proud Dad

The 31-year-old online personal trainer grew up in the mountains of the Italian countryside near Turin. Davide was an obese child and was bullied in school. At 16, he started a 10-year journey to turn his life around. He lost weight, got into bodybuilding, and earned a master’s degree in economics before moving to London, England.

What followed could have been out of a movie script. But it actually happened.

Davide ended up a male stripper and go-go dancer in London. There was lots of partying, lots of booze, and lots of drugs.

“I got to live a lifestyle I thought was only possible in movies. I was partying with celebrities, abusing drugs, and enjoying all sorts of pleasures,” says Davide.

“But when you play with fire, sooner or later you get burned. In 2014, I almost died in a bathtub bleeding out at a fetish party.I had to take a good look in the mirror and think about what kind of future I was envisioning…and that led me to seeking ways of using my knowledge of building bodies to make a living.”

“Realizing the importance of health shifted my mindset from a self-centered, narcissistic one to a more compassionate and human one.”

A new focus on personal training followed. Clients included company CEOs, YouTube stars, and a symphony orchestra musician.

“I started making comedy videos that got 12 million views. That kinda helped because it made it easier to find famous and wealthy clients.”

As fate would have it, a woman who reached out to Davide about one of his videos would later become his wife. They’re now living happily ever after in her native Poland where she co-hosted live training sessions in their Facebook group, drawing on her expertise as a trainer, dietician, and post Natal specialist.

“I could double my business if I just had an office and didn’t have a daughter,” says Davide. “But I’m enjoying giving 50% of my time to my family.”

“I learned the best way to attract wealthy clients in order to increase rates, is to do a better job of pre-screening leads,” says Davide.

These days, Davide can produce clients on demand. The next step is to add revenue without increasing his workload by hiring admin staff and possibly an assistant coach.

Davide And Bach Business Coaching

Davide found Bach Business Coaching by going online and googling “fitness for busy professionals.”

“Eric’s name came up pretty quickly,” says Davide. “I knew I had to make it at any cost because I was in a country where a PT is paid pennies. So it was life or death.”

“I chose the best I could find and took a leap of faith. It paid back ten fold.”

“I took notes on the same sales tactics Eric used, allied them to a call later in the day and closed the biggest training package of my life, which paid off coaching. That was Day 1!”

“The most important thing I learned from Eric is that sales come from direct messaging. He taught me to stop waiting for people to find you. Approach them first. Daniel taught me that 50% of a business is making a sale; never forget that when you’re writing your to-do list.”

“I just needed a path to follow and, after, things became easy.”

“The Business Coaching Program provides that clarity and the logical path that helped me sign up 11 clients before finishing the program.”