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Chris Shipp: $180,000 A Year And Home By Noon To Play With His Son

Why would a successful 33-year-old trainer already making $118,000 a year invest several thousand dollars more to enrol in Bach Business Coaching?

For Chris Ship, the answer can be boiled down to one word: MORE. Chris wanted more money, more freedom, and more time for his family.

“I now leave the gym no later than noon,” says Chris.  “I have zero clients on my afternoon schedule these days. That time is for me to spend with my son.”

The numbers tell the story.

Chris now has 20 online clients.

Chris works just 25 hours a week in the gym.

Chris put $21,000 in the bank and is on track to make $180,000 this year.

Chris used the extra money for a down payment on a new house

Chis says: “I’m done adding clients to the gym. Whenever a client leaves the gym, I have more free time to work on my online business.”

 Chris started coaching women aged 25 to 44 12 years ago when he tapped into a referral network that moms had with each other. Today, Chris uses Instagram to reach moms with the message:

“Say goodbye to yo-yo diets and crazy exercise programs with the simple but effective Get Your Body Back Program.” 

It’s about helping women lose weight without crazy dieting or killing themselves in the gym.

 “I’m a teacher, not a dictator,” Chris posts on Instagram.

“A big part of what I sell is freedom of fitness and nutrition. Let me tell you a little secret: I drink beer, love hot dogs, and hate cardio. And yes, I’m a personal trainer!! Life is short. You’re not meant to restrict yourself from the things you enjoy. Everything in moderation.”

Chris believes “Perfectionism is not a virtue. The all or nothing approach is a mistake. You can work out less and lose more weight if it’s done right.”

Bach Business Coaching helped Chis perfect this message. 

Fitness has been a lifelong passion for Chris.  It all started when he got a weightlifting bench for Christmas at age 13. An important life lesson happened when he was a 5-foot 4-inch varsity football player at 114 pounds. He hit the gym hard and got up to 140 pounds.

Not only did Chris play better football…his confidence improved at all aspects of life. This is the lesson Chris seeks to impart to his clients.

Chris served four years in Army Infantry, where he helped fellow soldiers with their fitness tests. When he got out, Chris went to college and began his training career. His credentials include BS Exercise Science, NASM CPT, FNS, and CES.

Before enrolling in Bach Business Coaching, Chris looked at other coaching programs, but found they weren’t a good fit for him.  “The money and the value weren’t matching up,” says Chris.

“Whereas with Bach Business Coaching, the value matched up with what I paid.  I think this program is worth twice what I paid! It’s been more than valuable.”

 “One of my biggest regrets is not joining sooner because I had doubts and skepticism about the program. But eight weeks into Bach Business Coaching, I recouped the cost of tuition  and could tell that I was going to make a lot of money.”  

 Chris spent three to five hours a week working on the course, and another three to five hours generating content on Instagram to attract new clients.

The most important thing Chris learned from Eric: “Staying consistent and persistent.”

The most important thing Chris learned from Daniel: “Having confidence in myself and sales/marketing abilities.”

 “I really enjoyed the program and have learned some permanent lessons on how to truly build a lasting and sustainable business,” says Chris.

 “This program not only helps you to become a successful online trainer but can enhance your in-gym business as well”

“You will also develop general marketing and sales skills that will impact all aspects of your life in a positive way. You will develop the confidence that you are doing all the right things to maximize your business potential.”

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