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How Chris Friesen Developed Info Products That Are “Crushing It” By Increasing His Instagram Following 700%

If Chris Friesen had a theme song, it would be the Frank Sinatra classic “My Way.”

Chris was not your typical coaching program client. The 43-year-old Canadian fitness trainer from rural Manitoba wasn’t interested in learning how to expand his base of 10 online fitness clients.

Instead, Chris wanted to learn how to market paid online subscriptions of his 28 Day Fat Shredder Program and The Fit Mom Method Weight Loss Program to generate a 24/7 revenue stream.

Chris Friesen“I’m in my mid 40’s with three young kids. I don’t want more online clients.  I want to work LESS not MORE,” Chris told Eric and Daniel on day one of the program.

“I was very particular about the way I wanted Eric and Daniel to structure my online weight loss/fitness business. I made it clear that I wanted to build my business around an automated model to generate $10,000 a month through paid subscriptions.”

Chris says of all the courses he has taken, this is the most flexible and customized coaching program out there.

“Their initial focus was designed to build my business around obtaining one-on-one clients via coaching calls,” says Chris. “I always felt in control because Eric and Daniel listened to me and customized their coaching program to help me get to where I need to be to build a successful online business.”

What Happened Next

Daniel and Eric did improve Chris’ website and his social media platforms – especially Instagram where they helped increase his followers from 500 to 3,500 followers.

“Getting my head wrapped around posting constantly on Instagram was something I was not initially on board with,” says Chris. “They taught me how important this platform is for organic growth/leads and how to leverage it to some degree by consistent posting.”

Chris says he was blown away when he promoted his free lead magnet: The Calorie Backloading Fat Loss Method on Instagram.

Almost 50 percent of my followers – 1,700 people – requested a copy. I would have never done this without Eric and Daniel prodding me to post daily on Instagram,” says Chris. And his 28 Day Fat Shredder Program is “crushing it.”  

The 12-week $297 Fit Mom Method Weight Loss Program for busy working moms looking to lose body fat and tone up without giving up the foods they love, was promoted with Facebook ads and Instagram postings. Chris is now tweaking his landing page and email sequence to increase sales.

One thing Chris knows for sure: “The program was a good investment because it helped clarify my business model, streamlined all the moving parts including landing/sales pages, sales structure, email sequence and copywriting.”

Homework averaged 30 to 60 minutes a day. Chris says there were times he found the course difficult but when he needed help Eric and Daniel were available on Facebook Messenger at all times for questions that were answered promptly.

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

For Chris, it has been a long bumpy road to reach this stage in his fitness career. Chris became obsessed with building muscle and losing body fat ever since seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee in the movies as a kid 25 years ago.

“I loved the way they looked, their rippling muscles and abs that popped. I craved those things, and this was the catalyst that started me on my fitness journey all those years ago,” says Chris.

Along the way, he injured himself in the gym and got hooked on opioids for too many years of his life for him to count. It took an intervention from his wife and friends to go to the hospital to start a four-year battle to kick the addiction.

When Chris returned to the gym, he realized that nutrition also played an important role in getting fit. Eating right helped take the pounds off.

“I went from 195 pounds at 35% body fat, to my current 150 pounds at 12% body fat, and I am stronger and have more muscle mass than ever before in my life,” says Chris. “I began implementing these simple strategies with my clients and they started seeing phenomenal results as well.”

The Takeaway

“With the help of the coaching program, I am now connecting with more people than ever before to help them lose weight and get fit.

“I loved that the coaching program was so flexible and customized to how I wanted to build and structure my online fitness business and that they didn’t try to force me into their idea of how an online fitness business should look like.”

“This was the only true customized coaching program that I’ve been a part of so far. I highly recommend them!”

Chris journey began with a call to Eric.

And so can yours.

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