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Chase Progress, Not Perfection

We’ve all seen this person in the gym. They buy every new smartwatch and have the latest gym gear. When you sit down and talk to them, you discover they’re pretty knowledgeable about fitness.

But their body tells a different story.

When they hit the gym, they spin their wheels. They try to put every random tip or trick into one perfect plan. Then fail, and hop to another program.

In the kitchen, they’re always riding the latest trend whether it’s Keto or a new cleanse.

And despite all their information and hard work, they’re not in better shape than when they started.

They have all these bits and pieces of information, but can’t put it together. They also fall prey to fads and quick fix solutions.

Are you making the same mistake with building your online business?
You jump from idea to idea.

You’re forever gathering more information.

You think chatbots are the answer. Or maybe not. And which email program is the best, anyway?

After all, you want to be the BEST before putting yourself out there and helping more clients.

But this is a mug’s game.

Chasing perfection is a surefire way to stay “stuck” for months and years on end.

Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.”

– Abu Bakr

Chasing perfection leads to accumulating knowledge, yet never taking action.

So many trainers end up deferring their dreams. They end up underpaid and overworked, living in the gym and losing their passion

But believe me, when I say, YOU are good enough to start helping people.

If you’ve changed your life through fitness, you understand the process to help others.

If you’ve created what others want, whether it’s better health, better abs, or bigger biceps, then you have the AUTHORITY to help those people.

Now, you just need to get started. I know it can be overwhelming. I know it can be confusing. Trust me, I was in the same spot with my business years ago.

Do you need solid action steps to get started building the business you deserve? Let me outline it for you on a complimentary 15-minute call.

Whether you’re stuck in your sales, not sure about the whole “online marketing thing,” or simply want to get a few more clients, I’m here to help, here’s how.

Here’s your next step. Fill out a short application for your fitness business audit. We’ll dig in and determine your biggest roadblocks, outline your path to success, and if we’re a match for the program, unlock the vault and give you everything you need to transform your business.

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