The Carl Hollant Story: $25,000 in 10 Weeks On The Road To 250k A Year By “Just Being Myself - Bach Business Coaching
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The Carl Hollant Story: $25,000 in 10 Weeks On The Road To 250k A Year By “Just Being Myself

Halfway through the five-month Bach Business Coaching program, Carl Hollant has put $25,000 in his pocket from signing up 17 online clients – while still working full-time at his “day job” as a videographer and photographer for a university.

Carl says: “I feel like I will be well equipped by the end of this program to quit my day job and generate 250K a year, working a 20-hour-week.”

The highlight so far? Signing up three clients at $1,500 each for his Dad Bod Terminator program while on vacation in Mexico.

“I just followed the script with those three tourists,” says Carl. “I clicked with the Bach Business Coaching style that made me realize that I can grab clients by just being myself!”

“I may understand nutrition and fitness, but I was still a noob when it came to running a business. So, I sucked it up, hired coaches to start the transformation of my business and I made my initial investment back in a few days.”

Carl promotes himself to his 1,500 Instagram followers as:
“Your favorite influencer’s worst enemy. I help busy millennials get jacked while eating foods they love.” 

“I had my doubts at first,” says the 28-year-old gospel-loving churchgoer with a gladiator physique and an equally big personality who is known as “Big Carl.”

“I was very surprised with how this program gave me the confidence in the first month to sign up my first client. The contract was worth $1,500. It was a man who wanted me to help him lose fat and build muscle.” 

A week later, Carl signed up five more clients, increasing revenue in his first month to $5,000.

When asked what Eric and Daniel taught him about successfully marketing his coaching business, Carl says: “Content is king. Prioritization is key. Consistency always wins. “

“I learned there is no perfect time to start. Just aim, shoot and adjust as you go.”

“I also learned that the best way to connect with clients to close the deal is to communicate with my audience. Consistency in content creates presence.”

“Educating your audience isn’t enough for financial gain. Speaking your audience’s language is literally everything.” 

The most important thing Carl learned from Eric is “emotional targeting. Now that I think about it, that’s what worked on me. Eric’s posts grabbed my attention to sign up with Bach Business Coaching.” 

The most important thing Carl learned from Daniel? “Consistency and not giving a f**k!”  

Carl’s Instagram videos support that key message: consistency is more important than perfection. It’s worked for Carl in building his business and it’s worked for his clients in building their bodies.

              View the whole thing at

“I want to help millennials get their mojo back without eating dry chicken and broccoli out of Tupperware,” says Carl. 

When it comes to who should enroll in Bach Business Coaching, Carl says:

Anyone who wants to make their online business explode!If you are ready to take your online coaching business to the next level,  stop thinking about it and take action now.” 

“It seems scary at first because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, but TRUST me that’s how I felt even reading all the other testimonials. Now I’m writing a testimonial two months later!” 

 “Invest in yourself! You deserve it! If you put in the work and follow the system, it’s impossible not to work for you! Do what you preach to your own clients and TAKE ACTION!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Be like Carl. Take action. Take the first step by booking your free coaching call here.