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What Building A Business Has In Common With Building Your Body

Here’s my first website, still live as a reminder to keep improving day in, day out.

Below is a screenshot and click here to enjoy how terrible it is, as well as how much hair gel I used. What a glorious mess!

So, why am I showing you this?

Because I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve felt down.

I’ve said:
“What the fuck am I doing. Will I ever get there? I can’t write sales copy to save my life, let alone a full sales page.”

Yep. I get it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And today, I still have days where I feel like I ’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.

My point?

Feelings of inadequacy are part of building a business. It will always be part of the process. Wrestling with the void and moving forward is the only way to improve. There will always someone better.

And more than ever, we ’re constantly bombarded by people telling us how great they’re doing.

But you know what? All this has something in common with fitness.

We see the highlight reels without the work and sacrifice that goes into it.

Don’t Fall Into The Trap…

…of focusing on how far away you are from success instead of DOING THE WORK to get there.

When you stepped into the gym, you were probably terrible. I damn near killed myself on the bench press.

Looking at your clients, what would you say if someone expected to walk into the gym and pull 405 lbs?

You would focus on the process. You would make sure they had ample mobility, stability, and set out a comprehensive plan. You know damn well there would be a lot of practice, critique, FAILURE, and eventually improvement to get to 405 pounds.

As a coach, you can accelerate the process. But at the end of the day, nothing replaces time, effort, failing, getting a little better, failing, and EVENTUALLY getting pretty good and hoisting the 405-pound deadlift.

We All Suck In The Beginning

But that’s no excuse. You must keep plugging away, failing, improving, and failing some more time and time again. I’ve failed with more launches, more sales calls, and had more articles rejected than I care to admit.

The key is to keep going, regardless.

The only way to improve is to wrestle with the void, face down fear, and continue on in the face of difficulty.

It ’s true with fitness, and it’s true with business.

With this in mind, I want to share two MITs (Most Important Tasks) I have each and every day.

They are the two most important things for any business:
* Gaining attention through content and marketing
* Getting sales

Whether days are good or bad, I focus on:

1) Creation/writing (90 minutes at 4 or 5 am)

Monday: Weekly emails/ copywriting course self-study

Tuesday: Write blog content/ content for other sites

Wednesday: Blog or Social media development

Thursday: Social media idea generation

Friday: Product development and modules for clients

Saturday: Product development and modules for clients

2) Sales

Monday -Thursday: I reach out individually to people on my prospect list through Instagram, text messages and email between 10 AM and 11 AM. I also do IG lives. I call this my Power Hour.

Friday/Saturday: Study sales scripts, courses

The Takeaway

Persistence pays. This steady and structured approach has helped me build a successful business, buy a nice house, and have the time and money for family, friends, and travel.