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Don’t Go Fishing With A Baitless Hook

By Eric Bach

When I was 11, my brother and I lived with my grandparents for a few months.

They had a lakefront house in Northern Wisconsin. My grandpa, a retired insurance business owner, took us out on the lake three or four days a week to snag bass and walleye.

I remember Grandpa Geno saying: “You gotta throw the line and bait the hook if you want the catch!”
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A fishing lesson, but also a business lesson. The bait may change, but the principles remain the same.

Some days, all you needed was a slimy, grime-laden worm.

Other days, based on the weather, you might need a spinner or a Rapala.

But here’s what’s always true:

  • To catch fish, you need a hook.
  • Your hook needs to have attractive bait or the right “shine” to draw in the right type of fish. What works for a Walleye won’t work for a Northern Pike.
  • You need to fish in the right location. Some days you strike gold. Other days you get skunked. Still, you need to know where the fish are. You don’t want to fish for bottom-feeders in the shallows.
  • Above all, you need to to bait your hook or put a line in the water. Otherwise you’ll come back empty-handed. The person with the most persistence and most lines in the water in the right place ends up catching the most fish.

The same is true with your fitness business.

If you’re like most trainers, you have a lot to offer. Yet you’re sitting on the sidelines because you don’t know what kind of bait to use. And you don’t know where to find the fish.

Problem: You need a hook to draw in prospects.

Solution: Ask ten people what their #1 struggle is with fitness. Fixing this problem becomes your hook.

Problem: You need the right bait for the right type of fish.

Solution: Ask the same people what type of information they consume. Do they dig infographics? Read articles? Watch videos? Create the “bait” or solution to their problem in the form they already consume.

Problem: You don’t know where the fish are/where to start.

Solution: Ask the same people “where” they consume the information or hang out. Some audiences live in Facebook groups. Others on Instagram. Others read articles. Whatever the case, ASK the people you want to serve and focus your attention there. You don’t need to be everywhere to start; you need to be where your ideal clients are.

Problem: You have no (or only one) lines in the water.

Solution: Once you have your hook and the right kind of bait in the right location, you need to get more lines in the water and stay consistent.

You won’t catch fish every day. Some days will be good. Some will be bad. The important thing is you show up.

Over time, you’ll get more skilled. You’ll find the best bait.

You’ll throw your hook in the right location. And with consistency, you’ll catch more fish.

But nothing occurs without the right hook, bait, location, or lack of accountability and focus to stay consistent.

If you’re fishing but coming up empty-handed wondering: “how do I get clients?” then it’s time to hire a guide.

We’ll show you…

  • How create the right bait
  • How to attract the right fish
  • How to set the hook and close sales
  • Get more hooks in the water so you can Impact more lives.


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