Adam Blake Has Choices, Time, and Freedom Making 84K A Year While Working Just 20 Hours A Week - Bach Business Coaching
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Adam Blake Has Choices, Time, and Freedom Making 84K A Year While Working Just 20 Hours A Week

Adam Blake has so much freedom and makes so much money working so few hours that his biggest problem is “trying to figure out what to do with all my spare time.”

“I’m going to have to find some new hobbies,” says Adam.

The key was tripling his rates, using techniques he learned in Bach Business Coaching.

Now that he’s in control, Adam works just 20 hours a week to make around $7,000 a month and have time to revisit his past life: punk rocker.

Adam plans to further ramp up his online business shortly, after playing his first live gigs since the pandemic this summer.

But Adam already has what most personal trainers can only dream of…

… Choices
… Time
… And most importantly: FREEDOM

Adam says:

“I work 20 hours a week and spend the rest of the time with my family, friends or working on my business.”

Gone are the days of working 45 hours a week in his training business, Adam’s second career.

For 19 years, Adam Blake toured the world as a hard-partying punk rocker playing base with the American hardcore punk rock band H20.

Adam writes on his website that he was “living on vodka with a side order of hopelessness and despair. Many nights I passed out after drinking a whole bottle of vodka after the show.” 

Adam hit rock bottom when he woke up in the stairwell of his Hell’s Kitchen, New York walk-up apartment with no idea how he’d gotten there or how he’d spent the previous 24 hours.

After many struggles, Adam got sober and is now happily married.

His basic message to clients is: “I’m a late bloomer when it comes to fitness, but it’s never too late. Fitness changed my life. And it can change yours. I did it…and so can you.”

The before and after pictures tell the tale.

Adam says he has “zero idea of how to sell” when he started with Bach Business  Coaching

But “I did what I was told. I got my leads. Ran through the sales scripts, which for me was huge. It all came together when I learned how to sell, how to write, how to present myself on social media and influence people.”

“One of the wonderful things about online coaching is the entire world is your oyster when it comes to finding people,” says Adam. “I have clients in the US, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Australia.”

 Adam learned how to set client expectations. “That was huge for me because you can promise them the moon and they get mad if you don’t deliver it. I really like the way Eric and Daniel do this.”

“What I learned from Eric is the importance of time management,” says Adam. “If you’re doing something, do that thing and then move on to the next thing. Leveraging those periods of time towards things that are going to help your business grow over the long term.”

“This was huge for me because I was a mess trying to spin all my plates at the same time.”

Adam says:

 “If you’re serious about starting your business…

If you’re really going to make a go of it…

…then absolutely: I would say you should hire Eric and Daniel.”

Adam hesitated for many months before choosing
Bach Business Coaching.

A previous attempt to launch an online business using a low-cost 8-week challenge promoted by another program yielded disappointing results.

Adam finally chose Bach Business Coaching because of all the five-star reviews. He regrets not acting sooner.

Adam began by booking a coaching call to see if the fit was right. So should you. Please speak with the Bach Business Coaching Program Director, Kameron Bryant.

Book your call with Kameron here.