How 25-Year-Old Trainer Alex Ho Invested In Himself During The Pandemic And Made $8,000 - Bach Business Coaching
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How 25-Year-Old Trainer Alex Ho Invested In Himself During The Pandemic And Made $8,000

Alex Ho has some simple advice for young trainers like him whose incomes were hit hard by the pandemic and wonder about their survival in the fitness industry:

Now is the time to invest in yourself, even if money is tight.

When Alex enrolled in Bach Business Coaching at the height of the pandemic, he didn’t have a ton of money because his hours had been cut at his facility.

Alex actually gave up his apartment and moved back into his childhood bedroom at his parent’s house to pay the coaching fee.

But now, Alex has $8,000 in his pocket thanks to what he learned in the program and says:

“At 25, I feel so far ahead of the game, and can’t wait to see what the next year brings.”

His one regret? Not spending more money earlier.

“Once I started Facebook ads, my email list tripled in the first two weeks. It’s kept on growing at that rate, and man I really just wish I invested in it earlier.”

“I sold my first package for over a thousand dollars which was really cool,” says Alex. “It confirmed everything that I was hoping for when I signed up for coaching with Eric and Daniel. They’re the best!”

Returning home had its challenges.

“Every day I’d wake up in my old room, it was either too cold or too hot,” says Alex.  “But I’d just wake up before the sun and get straight to work. I did all my work in the guest room of our house.

“I didn’t have a proper desk. I was using this old bookshelf as my desk for my ZOOM calls with Eric and Daniel. It’s where I did all my writing and made sales calls to make my dreams a reality.”

 Alex always wanted to be a coach because he had a burning desire to help others.

“I think being bullied as a kid made me extremely empathetic, and it’s absolutely been a contributing factor towards my life mission, which is to help people achieve personal freedom and excel in their lives and careers.”

 The decision to invest in Bach Business Coaching wasn’t easy, even though Alex felt like he already know Eric because he’s been reading Eric’s articles in T-Nation for years. 

“It was difficult in the sense that I’d have to invest some money, but I knew I just had to go with my gut, and I’m glad I did.”

 “What Eric and Daniel do really, really well is being a pillar of certainty.”

“I’m investing all this money. I’m doing Facebook ads, trying all these things, there’s always a risk to it. The certainty was very valuable to me. Like, just keep doing your thing. It’s going to work. And of course, it worked out.”

Alex also appreciated how accessible Eric and Daniel were. “They are THE most responsive and accessible coaches I’ve had, and it made all the difference,” says Alex. “I never felt lost or ignored, which I really appreciated.”

 At the start of the program, Alex says he put in 12 to 14-hour days.

“But once we sat down and got organized with my content calendar, coaching system, and schedule, they taught me key time-management skills that allowed me to rapidly expand my business AND have time to live my life.”

Alex says the program made it EASIER to sign up clients during the pandemic.

They made sure I was targeting the right people and then created a social media strategy that was like a treasure map to bring them into my pipeline and turn them into clients.”

Alex says many coaches his age are struggling during the pandemic.

“They just stopped posting, prospecting or providing value to clients during the pandemic,” says Alex, who posts wacky pictures of himself like the one at left on social media.

“I don’t know if it was stress on their end or that they didn’t know what to do,” says Alex of other trainers paralyzed by inaction. “If I hadn’t signed up with Eric and Daniel, I’m sure I would’ve been in a very similar situation.”

“My advice: If you feel lost and fumbling around and it’s hard to get traction, you need to enroll in this program,” says Alex. “They teach you how to make money, sure, but they also teach you how to build and OPERATE a successful online training business.”

“If you wanna learn how to make a boat load of money AND be a phenomenal coach (not just some BS fit influencer), Eric and Daniel are your guys. They’re true coaches.”