How Nate Birner Went From $20,000 In Annual Revenue To $250,000 - Bach Business Coaching
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How Nate Birner Went From $20,000 In Annual Revenue To $250,000

For Nate Birner, the numbers tell the tale of how he achieved financial freedom.

2020 Revenue: $20,000
2021 Revenue: $80,000
2022 Projected Revenue: $250,000

Nate accomplished what so many trainers can only dream of: finding a way out of the dollars-for-hours trap that enslaves them.

“Within a couple of weeks, I had my first new client,” says the 36-year-old Austin, Texas coach.

Bach Business Coaching gave me the confidence and strategies to start interacting with people more. It helped me to add three to four clients per month right away.”

There were some unexpected twists and turns on the road to success.

Nate carefully considered one business partnership before rejecting it on our advice. He adjusted the balance between in-person and online training several times.

Nate even set aside a longtime plan to join the fire department when old injuries reared their ugly head a month into training and Nate took this as “a sign from God about what He wanted.”

I’m glad I did, as I have grown tremendously. My in-person, semi-private model is a hit.”

Nate is now hiring another trainer and is nearing capacity at his small gym. At that point, he will further grow the online and hybrid parts of his business. Hybrid clients will come to the gym once or twice a month for check-ins and body analysis but otherwise train remotely.

Nate signed up for Bach Business Coaching at the height of the pandemic.

“Many people had their routines disrupted and needed fitness/accountability more than ever. Some gyms were closed. People in general were more receptive to the idea of online coaching,” says Nate.

“But I didn’t have any online clients! So, Eric and Daniel helped me connect with these people to communicate my value more effectively. It didn’t take long for me to sign up 10 online clients to generate $2,400 a month in new revenue.”

Like many of our business coaching clients, Nate found he didn’t have to choose between in-person and online clients. He could have the best of both worlds. 

“In-person clients are welcome to three classes per week.  One each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If they miss a session, I will fit them into another class time if available.”

“But I don’t guarantee my ability to do this. If we can’t make something work, they have access to the day’s workout via an app for them to complete on their own.”

Nate signed up with Bach Business Coaching after following Eric’s writing for years online. “I was ready to buy when I scheduled the first call,” says Nate.

“I didn’t feel like I was going to get crammed into a box. I didn’t want to get plugged into a system. I wanted help for me to grow MY business. That’s what Eric was selling, and that’s what I got.” 

 Here are the top three things Bach Business Coaching taught Nate: 

  • Be proactive about starting conversations
  • Write effective sales copy
  • Systemize everything you can

Nate recommends Bach Business Coaching foranyone trying to get started coaching online, or anyone who feels stuck trying to grow online.”

“No matter where you are in your coaching career, Eric and Daniel give you the tools to take things to the next level.”

“Investing in yourself, into your skills, and in people who can help you get where you’re trying to go more quickly will always be your best investment”

“As as long as you don’t quit moving forward and you’re actively growing and learning the whole time, when something *does* work you’ll be equipped to capitalize on it”. 

“Eric provides many of the exact systems and templates he uses in his own coaching business for you to have a starting point.”

“The copywriting skills you learn from Daniel will pay you back exponentially over time and could be applied to any industry if your interests change. Sales, social media, systems … it’s all there.”

“I wish I had signed up years ago!”

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